I mentioned earlier this year that I am studying the book of Proverbs. (“The Message” version.) The amount of wisdom this book contains is remarkable. God certainly answered Solomon’s request. When God asked him what he wanted, he said, “Wisdom.”

“Here’s what I want: Give me a God-listening heart so I can lead your people well, discerning the difference between good and evil. For who on their own is capable of leading your glorious people?”

10-14 God, the Master, was delighted with Solomon’s response. And God said to him, “Because you have asked for this and haven’t grasped after a long life, or riches, or the doom of your enemies, but you have asked for the ability to lead and govern well, I’ll give you what you’ve asked for—I’m giving you a wise and mature heart. There’s never been one like you before; and there’ll be no one after. As a bonus, I’m giving you both the wealth and glory you didn’t ask for—there’s not a king anywhere who will come up to your mark. And if you stay on course, keeping your eye on the life-map and the God-signs as your father David did, I’ll also give you a long life.” 1 Kings 3:9-14 (MSG)

Below, I have listed two scriptures that illustrate the kind of wisdom one can find in this book of the Bible.

The purity of silver and gold is tested
    by putting them in the fire;
The purity of human hearts is tested
    by giving them a little fame. Proverbs 27:21 (MSG)

It has been said before that fame changes people. A friend once told me she would show up at one of my book signings and I wouldn’t even know her. I replied, “Are you crazy? I’ll ask my host to pull up another chair, and we can catch up while I sign books.” I was confessing then that fame wouldn’t affect me, and so far, it hasn’t! LOL

A pure heart isn’t about obeying rules and trying to please God. It’s not about never sinning, either. Instead, it’s all about your motives being pure. It’s about loving people as God loves people.

There is one thing I had been wondering about for a couple of years. I know a person who prays. I mean a lot! For people, for issues, for whatever. As I observed this person, I noticed that it oddly seemed like their prayers were not answered. I couldn’t figure out why. As much as I am into “asking” God for knowledge and understanding, I had not thought about asking him about this situation. Then, I read the following verse, and it all made sense.

God has no use for the prayers
    of the people who won’t listen to him. Proverbs 28:9 (MSG)

As you can see, simply by reading the Book of Proverbs, one can gain wisdom and understanding. I have heard that since there are thirty-one chapters, some people read the book every month. Perhaps not a bad idea for someone like me, who needs all the proverbial wisdom they can get!

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