Proverbs 7

Similar to the teachings of the father to his son in Proverbs 5 and latter verses of Proverbs 6, he again warns his son of the danger of getting involved with a prostitute.

For this post, I will be speaking directly to all brothers and if you are a female reading this post, keep reading and share with any young man you know that needs to read this.

The issue of fornication and adultery applies to both females and males. But for this post as earlier mentioned, I would like to major on our responsibility as males to ensure we don’t fall into any sexual seductive invitations that will reck our destiny.

No man can ever escape not being tempted sexually. At different seasons of our lives, they will come unexpectedly. Temptation isn’t a sin but yielding to temptation is a sin. Falling for a temptation doesn’t happen suddenly, it starts in the mind. From an evil thought, it graduates into lust, then temptation, and if yielded to it becomes a sin.

Sometimes as males, we throw the blame on what ladies are wearing or how they lured us with their words into having sex. We expressly blame the females for our ‘sexpionage’ instead of taking responsibility for our actions.


The appearance of a sexual temptation is one we as men should never hang around to negotiate with nor one where we start to pray against the temptation right there but rather one, we run far away from even at the very sight of it. We males by default are moved by what we see. This is why the only way not to succumb to the pressures for sex before and outside of marriage, is for us to flee from the seductive invitations of the harlot. Brothers, let’s learn from Joseph’s encounter with Potiphar’s wife.

If we brothers refuse to heed to this ancient proverbial wise saying and continue to indulge in sexual activities with strange women and young girls, the end will only lead to destruction.

The Lord will give us more grace to stay sexually pure and flee all sexual temptations that come our way in Jesus Name.



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