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Jesus is the name above all names. As believers, we lift the name of Jesus, not our own. He alone is worthy of praise, honour and glory. None else. Not sinful mortals like us. Yet, many desire fame for themselves at the cost of the name of Jesus. So many, born in the flesh as Christians, falsely believe they are saved and promote Christ, like an activist. Their belief is rooted in religious hypocrisy and works rather than faith in the name of Jesus.

What does it mean to believe in the name of Jesus? 

How does the name of Jesus help us? 

1. (John 1:12) We receive the power to be sons of God when we believe in the name of Jesus.

2. (John 14:13,14) Whatever we ask in Jesus’ name, God does it. Whatever we ask according to His will.

3. (John 17:12) Jesus preserved his disciples in the name of the Father. We keep ourselves and those in our lives safe in the name of Jesus. Through fervent prayer.

4. (John 15:16) We bear fruit for the kingdom of God when we take the name of Jesus.

5. (Romans 10:13) There is salvation in the name of Jesus.

6. (Acts 2:38) Those who receive Jesus, walking in Him, will also receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

7. (Acts 3:6) There is divine healing in the name of Jesus.

8. (Luke 10:17) demons get delivered in the name of Jesus.

As you enjoy the wonders of using the name of Jesus, don’t forget there will be suffering too. (John 15:17-21) We will be hated and persecuted by many (Acts 15:26). We should not think it strange when we suffer for Christ.

God is calling us to live like overcomers. Do you desire what God wills? Now is the time, not later. Christ is coming soon. Praise God, and Amen. 

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