Ways to encourage, help pastors based on Biblical perspectives

God’s calling is the pastors’ firm foundation for why they stand strong despite the role’s struggles.

Because of this, among others, when pastors feel that church members encourage and support them, they get more empowered to do their calling. 

They also become motivated to do their purpose, knowing that they are not alone or are being appreciated by the people they serve.

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Pastors are responsible for caring for the well-being of others, but have you ever thought of who takes care of them?

Ministry could be taxing on their emotional and mental wellness. If the members were not careful, pastors might get burnt out in return. 

Besides, pastors might feel that they are lone rangers. They face a great deal of responsibility, such as vision casting, setting budgets, and handling finances.

They are also in charge of visiting the sick and shut-in, leading church and outreach programs, counseling church members and non-members, and preaching. 

Indeed, pastors seem to need assistance and encouragement from their church members.

Biblical ways to encourage, help pastors

Pastors have a lot of struggles in doing their responsibilities. As Christians, we are responsible for making them feel that they are not alone and appreciated.

A spirit-filled and happy pastor impacts his church leadership, so the members need to ensure their pastor’s well-being.

Caring for and motivating our pastors is not about him or them but more about obeying God’s Word.

Pastors are God’s front liners and His voice to tell His people about His plans, teachings, and promises.

If we cared for them, we were demonstrating our love for God. 

Here are some Biblically-based perspectives to help us empower our pastors in doing their calling. 

Appreciate, Motivate your Pastor

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In my opinion, everyone, including pastors, wants to be appreciated for all their efforts.

They would enjoy church members energizing them in doing the highest calling of shepherding.

God has given that authority for pastors and leaders to preside over, lead, direct, protect, and care for God’s flock.

Their job is to serve while showing God’s people by giving warnings and corrections. 

With all this faithful soul care, church members should appreciate their pastors.

Members’ first responsibility to their leaders is to know them by recognizing and respecting them. 

Apostle Paul emphasized in 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 that members should respect those who work for them and those given God’s authority to rebuke them.

He added that the Thessalonians or Christians should boost their confidence in love because of their labor.  

In addition, the Bible says that church members should be at peace with their leaders.

To esteem, pastors mean “to hold in high regard” and “to consider.”

The ministry is a high and sacred work, and Christians need to place a proper value on hteir leaders.

Submit to your Pastor

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Obeying pastors could be challenging for some members because they are not used to it.

Consequently, some pastors struggle with their boundaries when dealing with members.

Many pastors feel members would punish them for disagreeing with anything, even in correcting them.

There are pastors who feel already afraid of teaching the truth because it is easy for members to leave the church. 

However, if the church members believed that God had appointed their pastor to preach and teach God’s Word, then they listened carefully and followed His words. 

Hebrews 13:17 says Christians must obey those who have authority over them. They should submit themselves, for they look after their souls.

The Bible also mentions that Believers should obey joyfully without complaining because it is not beneficial for them and their pastor’s leadership and preaching.

Pray, Remember your Pastor

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Apostle Paul asked his brothers in Thessalonica to pray for them. He refers to God’s servants who preach and teach God’s words.

Prayer is the most potent and effective tool to encourage and care for our pastors. 

Your efforts may not be enough to help them in their struggles, but letting God’s hand work in your pastor’s lives could be helpful.

It may give them the most fantastic help they could ever have to continue their calling and responsibilities.

Moreover, there would be no more significant way for church members to love and remember their leaders than to keep them before God’s presence and grace.

When you and other members pray for your pastor, they receive God’s grace, mercy, and strength to continue their calling. 

Satan attacks pastors because if he can defeat the shepherd, he can scatter and kill the sheep.

It makes praying for pastors important, so we can protect them and the church from the enemy.

Help your Pastor

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They say that no man is an island, and so as pastors. No pastors could handle everything in a church.

It is not healthy for them and the church if handles all tasks in the church.

Members could support their pastors by carrying other workloads by being a part of the ministry and sharing responsibilities. 

You can ask your pastor how you could assist him. 

Remember that Jesus Christ is the head of the church, and the pastor is just one part of the body. For him to function well, he needs the other parts to work on their roles.

In 1 Corinthians 12:14, Apostle Paul emphasized that the body does not have one piece alone.

Care for your Pastor Financially

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The apostle wrote vividly in 1 Timothy 5:17-18 that workers are worthy of his wages.

From this, it was noted that the “double honor” for the teaching pastors includes respect and financial support. 

One of the struggles of pastors is their financial support for their families.

If the church did not sufficiently provide for his and his family’s needs, his service for the ministry might be hindered.

In 1 Peter 5:2, the Scripture mentions that pastors should not shepherd God’s flock because of money, but they should not also live in poverty.

Pastors can never give their best if they must worry about their financial matters.

Another biblical perspective about financial support for  pastors was in Luke 10:7 when Jesus said that the “worker is worthy of his hire.”

On the other hand, in Galatians 6:6, the Bible reminds those who listen to God’s word are responsible for providing for the livelihood of their pastor.

Free Will Baptist Board of Retirement suggested that the church give their pastor salary, housing allowance, social security allowance, and family medical insurance. 

They added that the church members should present their pastor’s life insurance and retirement. 

Also, the board stated that pastors should have reimbursement of expenses through an accountable plan.

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