Schedule Time for Rest with God!  Sat 8/22 at 9am EST!

Gina Williamson

When I pray with people, very often they release a deep sigh.  It’s indicative of a heavy burden being released through the prayer time.  I bring it to their attention so they can connect with what may have triggered the sigh, to consider what was said in the prayer that helped release some tension.  This gives them insight and helps them connect with the relief they are experiencing.

This same type of “deep sigh” is one of the benefits of spending extended time with God in prayer.  His rest doesn’t just give us soul rest, it gives us physical rest.  When God ministers to our soul, it releases the tension we carry in our body.  Our feelings and thoughts do affect our physical state.  When we are unburdened, it ministers to our body.  But when burdened, we feel it as a loss of strength.

Proverbs 17:22- A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

So this encouragement is to schedule a time to linger with God for at least an hour, to experience the rest and renewal He promises.  The event happening on 8/22 at 9am EST is based upon Psalm 23!  You can listen to today’s podcast for more encouragement, which includes a 4 minute prayer over you at the end, for you to rest with God.   (If you want to listen to the podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Spreaker, simply search for “Peace Be Still Daily prayer download” on those providers!)

On average, over 50% of past participants of Into the Waters events, when surveyed, say that God gave them wisdom, insight, and revelation for relationships and circumstances in the sessions.  He ministers sweetly and deeply for a sigh of relief that brings rest!  After all, God is Wonderful Counselor!  His help is our way to REST!

When your soul is at rest, the entirety of you rests. Yet we rarely experience these benefits with 5 minutes of prayer here and there. Just the same way a 5 minute massage is not nearly enough time to warm up the body, work on the pressure points, and loosen the knots, neither are quick “hi-bye“ exchanges with God. 

We need extended time with God to settle in, open up, breathe deeply, unburden, be renewed by His Spirit. 

So do you need this?  Do you need to be relieved of burden, for your body to relax, your breath to deepen and soften, internal pressure to be relieved, restful sleep, for the Spirit of God to energize you with supernatural hope and life and peace?   If so, please join Saturday 8/22 at 9am EST for a 1 hour session to rest with God!

You will be blessed to spend extended time with God to settle in, open up, breathe deeply, unburden, and be renewed by His Spirit. You can sign up for Saturday 8/22 via links on the home page.  It will be about an hour of being gently led through some simple prayer exercises for soul rest. He rewards those who earnestly seek Him! He rewards with deep soul rest for mind, body, spirit, heart restoration. If you have any questions about the upcoming session, please let me know!  

The content is original to the author, Gina Williamson. Used with permission.

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