My Personal Struggle with Anger –

Jennifer Waddle

You might be surprised to hear that I used to struggle with the sin of anger in the early years of my walk with God. 

I wasn’t angry with God – or anyone in particular – I was just angry.

If I felt unheard, unseen, or unappreciated, my go-to reaction was anger. If things didn’t go as planned, people let me down, or I didn’t get my way, I lashed out in anger.

I’m not proud of this, and often cringe as I recall the worst moments of shouting, slamming cabinet doors, and seething inside, but I know that by sharing my story, some of you will be able to relate.

The best news is God delivered me from sinful anger one morning in 1995. 

I was getting ready to leave the apartment and my two little boys were playing on the porch just outside the door. I heard my three-year-old saying, “She’s mean. She’s mad. My mom is mean and mad.”

Peeking around the corner, I saw him repeating those phrases with his action figures, having them say to one another, “My mom is mean and mad.”

My heart broke.

I dropped my purse, called the boys back inside, hugged them, and wept. I repented of my sinful anger and asked God to deliver me. And He did.

The road wasn’t easy, as my human nature still tried to get the best of me, but I can honestly say my anger has been diffused by the mercy and grace of God. He’s given me the wisdom to handle things much differently, and the outcomes have been nothing short of amazing.

Do you struggle with anger? If so, please know you aren’t alone! My book, Scarves of White: Replacing Our Issues With the Covering of Christ addresses sinful anger, along with other issues such as discontentment and insecurity. Through real-life examples, Scriptural encouragement, and even bits of humor, this Bible study tackles our issues head-on and offers hope.

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Grateful to be on this journey with all of you,


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This post, or a variation of this post, was written and published by author Jennifer Waddle from a place where discouragement doesn’t win!