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Who do you work for, really? 

We’ve opened up the iWork4Him radio program and podcast with those words for nine years. Your efforts on a daily basis have got to be for something. So, who do you work for? 

Is it your money, your car, your house, or are you just working for a paycheck? You make an effort to go to work every day, which means you must have a reason. So, you’ve got an answer to this question: who do you work for, really? 

To be honest with you, for the first 20 years of my career, I thought I was working for a bigger house, faster cars, and a more prestigious position. I had been taught that business and faith had nothing to do with each other and that my only purpose in being a business guy was to make a lot of money so I could give it to the Church, who then did the “real” ministry of the gospel. That, of course, was a big fat lie. But I lived within that lie for 20 years. 

At age 40, I finally realized what God had been trying to teach me for two decades: my work mattered to Him. When I worked for others, I was really working for Him (Col 3:23). And what’s more, He wanted to join me in my work. 

 Why? To attract others into a conversation about Jesus, of course! 

Everything about our work should display and demonstrate the very work that God is doing in our hearts, minds, and souls. I like to see it this way: as a Jesus Follower, everything about you should be changing, and everyone around you should be benefiting from your faith, whether they believe in Jesus or not. When you work as if you are working for the God of the universe, the creator, the savior of this planet, it changes how you work. 

I need this reminder all the time, and I hope it finds you at a turning point today. Your work matters to God – invite Him in! 

To find out more about my personal journey to this understanding, listen to the first chapter of iWork4Him on audiobook HERE.

– Jim

Used with permission from Jim Brangenberg.

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