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I get asked so many times in so many places, “How do I get started with turning my workplace into a workplace ministry?” The answer has five short steps, and I learned them from God directly as He taught and shaped my own heart and ministry.

 The first step is to start praying daily for the people you work alongside and do so by name. By praying for them by name every workday, you’ll begin to see supernatural change, mainly in your own heart. You’ll start to see your coworkers, employees, and bosses the way God does. You’ll gain His heart for them instead of your own (easily irritated one).

 The second step is to look for ways to serve your coworkers, employees, or bosses over and above what your job requires you to do. This speaks to your character, and let me tell you. It makes a BIG impact. When you serve others above what you’re required to do, it shows that you care. And more importantly, it shows that God cares.

 Step three is to look for ways to befriend those you work with. This involves getting to know them outside of the workplace. It’s one thing to have professional relationships, and it’s another thing to have relationships that span the time both in the office and outside of it. When you invite people into your personal life, it allows them to see who you really are. It also lets them see how your faith is interwoven into everything you do!

 Step four involves prayer again. When you pray for the people at work daily, you get used to what they look like and how they act daily. That means when someone comes into the workplace, and you notice that their demeanor is different than usual, you have the opportunity to ask them how they are REALLY doing. And mean it. And when they say fine, you can say this great line from The Italian Job, “F.I.N.E. So, freaked-out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional. How are you really doing?” And then listen. When you notice somebody just isn’t themselves and give them the opportunity to share why, it opens a big, wide-open door. The fourth step is looking for ways to pray with people when you notice they’re having a rough day. After they’re done sharing say, “Can I pray with you about that?” I’ve never had anybody tell me no. When people are hurting, they are very open to prayer.

 Finally, the last step is really all of the steps. Step five is to, above all else, do everything you do with excellence in your work. Be the best and brightest employee in your position! If your work is anything less than excellent, what does that say about God? How are you reflecting the work that He is done in your life? Excellence is a fruit of Christ-like character.

 I want to challenge you to put these five steps into action this summer! I promise if you do, you’ll see God do amazing work in your workplace and in you! To take the challenge, check out the iWork4Him Nation Covenant – a written commitment to yourself to do these five steps and engage in your workplace ministry.

– Jim

Used with permission from Jim Brangenberg.

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