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led by God

Time is precious. God says to redeem the time. Today, online networks are focused on technologies that desire our time. We devote a considerable amount of time to social media and information that is not necessary. Almost as if controlled by an invisible yet powerful force.

What does it mean when it’s said god-like technology? Here is an example.

Metaverse will enable tech platforms to track all aspects of our lives, from where we go and who we’re with, to what direction we look and how long our gaze lingers. They will also track our facial expressions, vocal inflexions, and vital signs. I know this sounds extreme, but it is already happening — companies are developing earbuds that track your blood pressure and heart rate. Other companies are using cameras to track vital signs from afar. And they all intend to feed this information to advertisers in real-time. Clearly, we need regulation to protect consumers.”

Only God truly knows everything about us. God-like technology is man’s own effort to become like Him. Every effort made by technologists aims to reject God and the concept of creation.

Man wants to create and control every possible environment on earth. Technology enables a virtual world, an alternate reality, where rich people on earth can influence the world.

Satan wants people at his feet. He wants man-kind to spend quality time with him. To worship him, eventually. Be influenced by new moral standards for the “new” world.

Who is your God, believer? Are you led by God?

Mary chose the good part. She knew Jesus and preferred to be at the feet of Jesus. She loved Jesus wholeheartedly, who has the words of eternal life. We know only the word of God will remain forever as the earth ends.

Let’s choose the good part like Mary. Delight in God’s word, in fellowship with all saints. Jesus is coming soon. Praise God, and Amen!

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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