Growing up, I had questions but nobody to share them with.

Nobody told me I wouldn’t be hanged if I felt a certain way and needed answers. I didn’t have the luxury of having my questions asked and answered whenever I wanted.

I always kept my questions to myself. I didn’t know better, because I felt my questions were silly and no one would want to be bothered by what I did with my life as a growing Christian.

I didn’t want to bug anyone into answering my questions.

I didn’t want to bother anyone about my experiences and how I scaled through them. I just wanted no stress for people in my life. Until I realized that was a big mistake and it isn’t ideal for anyone at all, especially for growing Christians like myself.

We all have had and still have good, bad, and ugly experiences as Christians.

We all have things we fight with as Christians, things we wanted to get out of, and because there was no one to show us how, we stayed in the mess and felt comfortable.

We all craved peace, but unanswered questions always kept us on our feet with our brains buzzing with activity.

I want to be the one to do this for you, because I’ve been there, and I’m willing to.

I’m not saying I have the right answers or would know the exact questions you have in mind.

I’m saying I want to be the bridge between your questions and the answers you get.

The bridge between your true stories, letters, questions, interviews and the people who read them.

My name is Uchennaya Joy Chinwendu Idara, and what I do as a Christian creative is inclined towards truth and growth in Christianity.

The truth about your life as a growing Christian.

Here, I’m building an audience who can ask and answer questions truthfully and unashamedly, as regards our walk with God and the obstacles we’re faced with.

I’m building an audience who can share real-life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, fears, regrets, fights, interests, hopes, aspirations, and achievements as regards life and Christianity.

A community where we can read relatable life experiences about our walk with God and the challenges we trust God to take away.

Here, we use storytelling, short letters, and the medium of questions and answers, to share our stories as growing Christians: our strengths, challenges, weaknesses, wins, and struggles.

We do these to encourage each other, portray true transparent growth, and constantly remind ourselves of the saving and healing grace in Christ.

Our activities are centered on growth as Christians.

I’ll be using my blog, email letters, YouTube channel, and other social platforms to share personal stories that border on true and transparent growth in Christianity, for anyone with unanswered questions about God and our walk as Christians, and also for everyone with answers but don’t know who needs those answers.

I’m here to make sure you get answers, not just from me, but also from fellow Christians and people who love God enough not to hold back answers from you.

I’ll keep praying that this Community is filled with God’s Wisdom to have the right answers to questions.

There’s help!
There’s always help.
God sends people to people.

Note: If you believe you have what it takes to work with this community, please feel free to come inbox and let me know how you can help. This isn’t just for people out there, this is also for you. God bless you. Amen!

Yours Sincerely,
The Growing Christian.


Joy Chinwendu Uchennaya currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She’s a Christian and a Content Writer. She blogs

A growing Copywriter and Social Media Manager. She loves networking with people and engaging in honest conversations about life and God. Here, she writes about her faith, kicking shame out, relatable life stories, challenges as a growing Christian and everything that needs to be discussed unashamedly.

Social platforms : Facebook @ Idara Uche, WhatsApp @ 08121558900, Instagram @just.idara_

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