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Nehemiah Zion

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Cheap grace preachers avoid warning other believers. 

They preach the Word, but selectively. 

The message of the gospel they preach avoids emphasis on the consequences of sin and disobedient living.

The result is a compromise of faith during deeper trials and temptations. Heaven’s real, and so is Hell.

Cheap grace preachers leave you clueless at “You can’t do anything. It’s all grace”. They don’t get to the part where you grow from faith to faith, glory to glory. 

In apostolic teaching, warnings are a regular feature. Any sincere reader of the Word cannot deny the need to preserve their faith in the light of Christ daily. The moment you warn, cheap grace preachers call it legalism. 

Once saved is not forever saved! Even when God desires all to be saved. 

Spiritual growth is the new normal for every believer who loves God with all their mind, heart, and strength in all godly wisdom. You will learn to stand against sin and lies. Your salvation needs to be preserved and not taken lightly. Sadly some even preach that Hell is temporary. 

Jesus is the grace of God that trumps every lie when we turn to Him.

Grace says, ‘sin no more’ that necessitates repentance followed by an obedient (love) walk. 

Cheap grace provides a false assurance. 

“Don’t worry! The blood of Jesus covers you.” 

“Just move on because you can repent again.” 

One is the truth, and the other sounds better. Sounding better gets you more followers offline and online. People get angry over minor issues and get hurt easily.

Itching ears cannot hear the truth and do not understand the need to apply the Word of God. Cheap grace in the long run, leaves a person more hopeless than ever. 

Jesus revealed the standard every believer needs to follow. Fix your eyes on Jesus. You will find your way home forever with Him.

Take heed of your spiritual walk. Seek the truth. Maranatha, Praise God, and amen. 

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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