New Year’s Prayer for you!

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I received a few responses from the last email I sent out!  Thank you!  And see pic above for one!  It really encouraged me!  I greatly appreciate hearing from you and getting a little glimpse into how this ministry is impacting you.  It’s an honor to go into the presence of the LORD with you!

Note that in her message to me, she shared her word of “PRESENCE”!  What a great word!  It is a different way to say the word I shared, “Rivers of Living Water”!

God wants us.  He longs for time with us.  He will supernaturally transform us as we go deeper with Him.

C.M asked if I had a few scriptures to share with her.  Here is one of a few I sent… 

Psalm 42:2- My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?

There is a thirst within.  Jesus designed us this way.  Our soul thirsts. 

His presence is everything.  Living water sustains us.  He has a supernatural supply and flow to pour into us, that it may also pour out through us!

What scriptures would you think of to share with C.M?  Send me an email! I’ll forward to her!

And I’d still love to hear your “word” or “theme” for 2023!  Reply to this email and let me know!

For going into 2023, we’ll kick off with prayer inspiration around rivers of living water as the theme for exercises and meditations!  

And as we enter the New Year, here is a prayer for you.  Agree with me.  Pray it out loud changing any language that aligns with your heart.  Let it challenge you to go deeper, to cry out, to express longing for more of Him! 

LORD God, I’ve wondered about some things that have happened this year and the whisper that eventually came after a couple of months of wrestling was, “I am the author of your faith.” 

That word settled me.  It helped me let go and trust you more.  You allow things to take us deeper.

I pray that this one can see their confusion in the light of your hand intervening to author their faith.  (“Yes God help me see.”)

May they see each challenge as opportunity to deepen in trust with you.  (“Yes God help me see.”)

I pray for them to be able to see the highs and lows of their year in terms of your divine intervention, even when it is so hard to perceive. (“Yes God, help me see.”)

You are jealous for us God.  You establish our boundaries.  You bring cleansing, correction, assistance, comfort and help.  You see what is a hindrance to our growth.  You want to reveal our hearts to ourselves.  You see us clearly.  We do not see ourselves clearly.  You have to reveal our own hearts to us. 

You show us hard things.  May we admit what you are showing us.  May we not resist the cleansing and sanctifying work you are doing.  May we surrender.

You show us our faith.  May we follow your voice and be willing to go deeper with you.  Help us rejoice when we see that when push comes to shove, we choose YOU over the lesser things.

You allow cuts in relationships.  May we trust you in that process and cling to you, knowing you are jealous for us; and no one is to take prominence over you.  Help us keep you in the right place LORD, not letting children or spouse or pets or career or others or ourselves, take precedence over you being first in our hearts.  May we be willing to take bold stands when necessary and not buckle under pressure to people-please.

You protect us from things we aren’t aware are dangerous.  Thank you for intervening when we can’t see or perceive clearly.  Be with us in our life decisions and re-direct us.

You’ve been faithful.  You’ve provided.  We have so many reasons to reflect and be thankful.  We’ve had victories.  Help this one reflect and see your Hand and Supply.

As we head into the coming year, help us hear your call to come higher.  You want more of us.  You want us to let go of fleshly things.  You want us to take initiative.  Your word encourages us to humble ourselves.  May we do so.  May we consider starting the year in a fast.  Let us lay fear and excuse aside.  You will supernaturally sustain us.

Less of us Jesus.  More of you.  Take us deeper into the flow… rivers of living water within.  We want refreshing of your life within us, a supply that pours out so that others too may drink. 

Be with this one.  Establish them.  Lead and guide them into new life, new beginnings, new hope each and every day of 2023.  Amen.

The content is original to the author, Gina Williamson. Used with permission.

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