3 qualities we can learn from the life of Enoch - Raising Zion

life of enoch

Do you remember Enoch? His story isn’t over yet. 

He will return during the time of the antichrist. While on earth, he lived a life that pleased God. It will seem that we do not have sufficient information about him in the Bible. The truth is that when we take a collective look at all the heroes in the Bible, it is easy to ascertain how his life would have been on earth.

Two heroes of faith translated by God are Elijah and Enoch. 

Enoch lived an exemplary lifestyle. So can we, through the power of the Holy Spirit who is in us to guide our thinking and feelings. 

Three things we can learn from the life of Enoch;

1. He was Disciplined: Hebrews 11:5,6 teaches that he walked by faith diligently, which pleased God. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of order and decorum (1 Corinthians 14:40). 

2. His life was a Testimony: He received testimony that he pleased God. He glorified God in His life. 

By faith [that pleased God] Enoch was caught up and taken to heaven so that he would not have a glimpse of death; and he was not found because God had taken him; for even before he was taken [to heaven], he received the testimony [still on record] that he had walked with God and pleased Him.

Hebrews 11:5,6

3. He walked by Faith: he walked faithfully every day. Enoch is considered a hero of faith. He walked with God, the bible records. You need to live by faith to please God. (Genesis 5:22)

Discipline is critical in any outward exercise we commit ourselves to. 

Walking with Jesus helps us testify about Him. How can we not tell all about the amazing friend and guide we find in Christ! 

Faith increases as love increases in us. The work of the Holy Spirit is to flood our hearts with God’s love to do His perfect will. 

Only the Spirit of God can enable us to live overcoming lives in these last days. Forget the old and give room to the work of the Holy Spirit in transforming your heart and mind.

Maranatha, praise God and amen!