Best Christian universities and colleges in the US

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Finding the right college or university is not that easy. Fortunately, the United States has many Christian universities and colleges offering the perfect programs for Christian students. Image: Tim Gouw|Unsplash

Christian universities and colleges offer various academic programs, including liberal arts, sciences, medicine, law, business, and theology. 

Universities are distinct from colleges in that they typically enroll more students, offer a broader range of courses, and grant advanced degrees in addition to those granted to undergraduates. With that, students can gain confidence and learn to think for themselves at Christian universities. 

Students will have many chances to connect with people from various faiths worldwide. Also, responsibility can be developed further when one lives alone.

Choosing Between Christian Universities and Colleges

A Christian student looking into university and college options should consider various considerations, including the institution’s location, cost, academic quality, the types of students it caters to, the denominations represented among its faculty and staff, and so on.

You should check the following Christian universities and colleges in the U.S. that will help you choose the right one if you’re a conservative Christian student:

Pepperdine University

Image: Pepperdine University Instagram

Both the graduate and undergraduate programs at Pepperdine are highly regarded, and the university also offers a wide variety of other degrees through its various schools. 

Pepperdine University is “consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful places to study,” and its students are inspired to learn as they learn to inspire.

Student Life: Pepperdine University is where learning is paired with a meaningful mission. They have built a community that feeds body, mind, and spirit by combining rigorous academic study with service, worship, and social responsibility.

Regent University

Image: Regent University Instagram

The university awards degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels, all with a Christian worldview covering many areas. 

The Best Online Bachelor’s Program in Virginia goes to Regent University, which also happens to be a top-tier national university with a long history of excellence.

Student Life: Your time in college should be productive, leading you in new directions and preparing you for a successful future. 

Regent University provides its students with both academic training and spiritual formation. Classes will stimulate your mind and help you grow as a learner whether you attend them online or on campus.

Barclay College

Image: Barclay College Instagram

Barclay College, a Christian college, encourages students to study, understand, and develop the abilities needed to answer God’s mission to spread the gospel worldwide. 

Barclay College fosters research and learning to achieve academic and spiritual greatness.

Student Life: On campus, you can participate in a wide variety of clubs and organizations that will help you learn and improve academically, make lifelong friends, and have a great time.

Biola University

Image: Biola University Instagram

Biola University welcomes students from all faiths, but its faculty and administration hold to a conservative interpretation of the Bible. Biola University is consistently ranked as one of the best Christian universities in the United States. 

In addition to receiving an excellent education, your relationship with God and your understanding of the Bible will strengthen as you engage in meaningful spiritual formation.

Student Life: There are many different types of student groups and on-campus activities. With its club sports and intramural competitions, you can always find something new to challenge yourself.

Southern Methodist University

Image: Southern Methodist University Dallas Instagram

SMU is a private university that ranks highly nationally and internationally for its research and education. It is also well-known for its dedication to helping its students, faculty, and alums develop into responsible, innovative leaders.

Student Life: research, community service, internships with working professionals, and innovative and entrepreneurial projects are all examples of engaged learning experiences available to undergraduates.

St. Olaf College

Image: St. Olaf College Instagram

In an inclusive, globally engaged Lutheran community, St. Olaf College encourages students to succeed in the liberal arts, study faith and values, and find a fulfilling career. 

They aim to start conversations and procedures that lead to better clarity, cooperation, respect, and measurable results.

Student Life: St. Olaf measures their effectiveness in helping students discover their passions and turn them into careers and commitments that bring professional success, financial freedom, and personal joy.

Wheaton College

Image: Wheaton College Facebook

Wheaton College, which opened in 1860 as a coeducational school, is a Christian liberal arts college that places equal emphasis on academics and religious study. 

More than 40 bachelor’s degrees in the arts and sciences and 18 master’s degrees are available, all taught by highly qualified faculty.

Student Life: Wheaton students participate in a wide range of activities that foster both spiritual maturities as followers of Christ and strong bonds of friendship that last a lifetime. Wheaton has its own unique traditions that have been established for decades.

Harding University

Image: Harding University Instagram

Harding University is committed to fostering a learning environment where students can develop a worldview and ethics that are in line with Christian principles. 

Each academic department and campus organization operates from a Christian mindset. Also, it is the duty of every educator, coach, and administrator to speak in the name of God.

Student Life: Harding’s mission includes encouraging its students to deepen their spiritual lives. Moreover, there are a plethora of musical and theatrical productions, gallery exhibitions, academic seminars, and other cultural enrichment activities to choose from.

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