Crossmap Podcast: Author, Geo-Political Expert Joel C. Rosenberg Brings a Close-Up View on the Latest Events Happening in the Middle East

Joel C. Rosenberg in Jerusalem (photo courtesy

Have you ever been around someone where you thought to yourself, this person is brilliant? They just exude the ability to win you over with their wealth of knowledge in a given area, but even more engaging is that they present themselves in such a manner that you are not threatened by them in the least. It’s their winning personality that draws you in but it is their intellect that leaves you hanging on every last word they say.

Joel C. Rosenberg has developed a reputation over the years not only for his keen sense of intelligence, but for his uncanny ability to predict and create scenarios for world events before they happen. For example consider the description for his first novel, The Last Jihad, literally written nine months before the horrific events of 9/11.

Nothing has prepared Jon or Erin for the terror that lies ahead.

  • Terrorists hijack a jet plane and fly a kamikaze mission into an American city
  • Israeli commandos foil a nuclear attack but find evidence that the next targets could be Washington and New York
  • And suddenly the United States finds itself in a war in the Middle East over terrorism and weapons of mass destruction that forever changes the course of human history

Let’s be clear. This eerily prophetic novel predicted an attack on the U.S. and the war in Iraq . . . but was written before any of it happened.

Rosenberg’s latest endeavor is hosting a new weekly news commentary program called The Rosenberg Report. Airing on Thursday nights at 9pm ET, this program offers a close-up view of current events and issues across Israel and the Middle East as he brings important insights and Biblical perspective that proves to be both informative and encouraging.

Rosenberg joins us on the Crossmap Podcast to talk about why he chose to host a television program after being on the other side of the microphone as a guest for more than two decades. Listen as he shares why he is so passionate about the events of the Middle East and why he has chosen to have a front row seat to watching the world unfold in regard to End Times prophecy.


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