Drafted and grafted into the army of God - Raising GENERATION Zion

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Youths get excited about getting drafted for football, basketball, or even the military. There’s great pride associated with these fleshly activities. An emotional bond is built in the early years of schooling with parents, teachers, and sponsors all encouraging children to excel. 

The world and its pleasures are constantly pushed into our lives to lure us away from enjoying Christ. Most get led away to live for this world and its things.

There are the things of God, and there are the things of men. Satan will always push you to the things of men and not God. Satan manipulated Peter’s mind and heart into going against God’s will. Peter had the revelation of God but was initially more inclined to the things of the flesh. 

Did you get drafted and grafted into the army of God? You did, dear believer. Submit to God.

If we do not get grafted in Christ, then we will be carried away by the passions of this world. While we may not admit that the word of God brings shame internally, our lack of joy or labouring for Jesus reveals the truth. We may bear fruit in this life, but never unto the perfection of Christ. 

God is not for later. He is for the now and here that leads to forever more. When you are young and hungry, not when you are older and bored or feel it is time or after you are retired. 

Drafted by Jesus to do the will of God, stay grafted in Him for the glory of God in a sinful and adulterous generation. 

Jesus called you to prepare and stand for Him during your trial. Jesus has grafted you in Him to bear fruit to perfection. Turn to do His perfect will. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen. 

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