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Hello friends! I hope you had a great weekend. His mercies are new each day, each week.

God is good, all the time!!🙌 Yes, He has been good to us these past days. His ways are marvelous each day.

This post is a continuation of what I had begun last week – regarding the spirit of Amalekites. Know who is an Amalekite here


1. The spirit of Amalek wars against the spiritual blessings we have received and makes us lose them. When a child of God becomes weak physically this spirit discourages him/her thereby making them lose their blessing.

2. The spirit of Esau works in Amalek. Esau the firstborn, sold his birthright to his younger brother for food. He despised it. Hebrews 12:16. Being a firstborn scripturally refers to when we have been anointed by God.

The pleasures and lust of the flesh will fight us to neglect the desire for spiritual blessings. And thus, coming to God’s presence stops gradually. This spirit targets our first love, first zeal, first works and steals them away.

3. Deuteronomy 25:17,18 – Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way, when ye were come forth out of Egypt; How he met thee by the way, and smote the hindmost of thee, even all that were feeble behind thee, when thou wast faint and weary; and he feared not God.

The faint and weary spiritually are those who backslide. They are the hindmost. The enemy knows our weakness. But it’s our duty to preserve ourselves in the joy of the Lord which is our strength. How? By praising God and speaking in tongues, we can go from strength to strength.

4. Judges 6:3,4 – The Amalekites came against the Israelites and destroyed the increase of the earth. Increase of the earth refers to the growth in our walk with God.

Judges 6:4 – And they encamped against them, and destroyed the increase of the earth, till thou come unto Gaza, and left no sustenance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox, nor ass. Sheep refers to humility, Ox refers to doing the will of God, Ass refers to replacing the experience of carrying Jesus to unwanted things.

5. In Numbers chapter 14, the Israelites went ahead to fight against the Amalekites without obeying the counsel given by Moses. They were defeated miserably.

From this we understand – when a child of God refuses to obey to the counsel given by God/the leaders, and do their own will, they end up falling in trouble.

6. The hand of Amalek is against the throne of God. Therefore the Lord promised is that He will war against the Amalekites from generation to generation.

Let us preserve ourselves by keeping our vision clear so that besetting sins don’t hinder our walk with God and thereby make us lose our crown.

Be blessed!

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