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The floods in Germany last year wreaked havoc. People lost their lives, homes and belongings. They are still recovering from the aftermath. 

It’s unimaginable to fathom the state of those who suffered the tragedy.

Today, most believers have become fattened with financial, physical, and material comforts. Most live in fear of losing all that they’ve gained on earth. The fear impacts their devotion to God negatively. Are you building your house in fear or by faith?

When the rain came, it was too late for the mockers to enter Noah’s boat. The floods destroyed all living beings but those on the boat with Noah.

When negative thoughts and hurtful words stay collected in our hearts, we lose the indwelling presence of the love of God over time. Then, when the enemy comes in like a flood, it leaves behind death (Job 22:16) and decays (Job 14:11). Without God’s love, we lose the ability to do any good for others according to God’s will.

How to overcome the floods that go against our spiritual life?

Ungodly men are like floods in a believer’s life (2 Samuel 22:5). Do not keep the company of mockers and perverted people (Psalms 1:1). A large part of the damage occurs during childhood. Mixed environments in school and college leave behind scars that take time to heal. The salvation we receive by grace through the blood of Jesus draws us into a lively hope. The word of God sanctifies, and the Holy Spirit heals us over time.

God protects His children from the flood. Like the wise man who built his house upon a rock. (Psalms 29:10) (Psalms 32:6). Sound doctrine and instruction help us to get rooted and grounded in Christ.

Build yourself on the rock that is Christ, the love of God (SOS 8:7). Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen. 

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