It burns, it burns! - Divorce Minister

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 All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed.

-John 3:20, NLT

If a cheater has anything of a conscience left, they will be in extreme pain when their actions are exposed for the sin and evil they are.

Cheaters committed to their sin may accuse you abuse based on this pain. The reality is that they do not want to live in the light. It hurts too much. They prefer the fantasy world that they created.

Bible verses condemning adultery and divorce by an adulterous spouse might especially cause pain for them. The cheater wanting to maintain the illusion of being the victim will not like those verses as they cut through the lies.

Yes, the light of the truth has a way of burning through the lies. It is not abuse, per se, to speak truth (now, I am not encouraging being brutal about it, especially around kids). However, someone who is living in such sin might feel the pain of conviction.

Sadly, cheaters often will not take that pain as a gift to motivate them to repentance. Instead, they choose to silence the truth and extinguish the light as their love is for the darkness.

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