More details exposed in Lysa TerKeurst divorce - Divorce Minister

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The [divorce] pleadings contain a series of text messages between Art [TerKeurst] and “Mistress X,” whom he allegedly met on the website

He allegedly spent at least $118,000 of the TerKeursts’ money on the relationship, including paying for the mistress to move from Atlanta to Charlotte (near where Art resided), and buying her a “pre-engagement left hand ring.”

-Kim Roberts in “Lysa TerKeurst Files Motion To Dismiss Counterclaims, Requests Arbitration,” April 29, 2022,

Polite company really would likely prefer never speaking about these things. However, I am sure many who come here have their own ugly details from experiencing the deliberate deceit from their cheater.

That is the point of sharing.

My experience is that most church people are naive on these matters. They minimize what happens in situations where sexual infidelity is involved. Pastors, even, fail to grasp the dark realities of these situations.

The infidelity was not a “mistake.” It was not a moment of weakness. The behavior–like with our cheaters–required planning!

We see in this filing several things telling us this. First, AT allegedly went to a sketchy website to find an affair partner. I suspect many pastors have no idea these websites exist. These websites most certainly do exist, and those pastors probably have someone(s) in the congregation using them, sadly. Then AT, allegedly, spent a large sum of money moving this affair partner closer to himself and buying her a ring!

That is an awful lot of sinful decisions!

I applaud Lysa TerKeurst in taking steps to hold her husband accountable for these sinful, wicked actions. Hopefully, her postnup holds, and she is able to get free from such clear contemptuous treatment!