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Podcast Monday: Today’s Subject Unity in Christ

Unity in Marriage:

Today’s topic is unity. In Psalms 133 God tells us it is in unity, God commands the blessing. As believers having unity in Christ is essential. This podcast we will examine what unity looks like in a marriage. Why it’s important. And how to get to a place of unity.

An article by Bonnie Lovelace on Unity in Marriage can be read here:

Unity for Those Who are Single:

For the single people out there, this podcast is for you as well, we address why you should partner with an abiding believer whom you can pray with over major decisions. God loves community, and never wants us to live out our faith as an island.

Stop by the House and hear about unity. All of the Abiding in the Vine: Hearing the Voice of God segments can be listened to as a Bible study or a podcast. If you’d like to participate in the Bible study, you can purchase the workbook we are using here: Abiding in the Vine: Hearing the Voice of God workbook.

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Tammy Carter Adams is the founder of The Hallelujah House and the host of the podcast Abiding in the Vine: Hearing the Voice of God.

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