TBN Special 'The Great Reset' the Most Important Story You Have Never Heard About

TBN’s Erick Stakelbeck, host of ‘The Great Reset’

Have you ever heard of a gentleman named Klaus Schwab? The average person likely will have difficulty zeroing in on who he is or his place in the world. Some might suggest he is an Olympic skier. Others might say he is the owner of a well-known financial investment firm. Or, maybe, just maybe, Schwab is just an ordinary citizen living in a rural part of the Midwest.

The reality is that Klaus Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organization that is calling for global governance and a “great reset”. The end goal is to erode sovereignty of nations and set global “standards” and mandates on everything from climate control to diversity. In practical terms, think global digital currency, digital identification, and dare we say it, an environment not unlike the Orwellian theme of “Big Brother”.

Factor in an opposing stance to Biblical views on such hot button topics as LGBTQ, the right to life issue, and critical race theory, and Bible-believing Christians find themselves in a highly vulnerable spot.

Award-winning journalist Erick Stakelbeck foresees the looming issues at hand and wants to make people aware of what might be coming for citizens of the world in less than 10 years.

In The Great Reset, airing on TBN April 17th at 8pm ET (re-airs at 11pm ET), Stakelbeck sits down with special guests including the Kwak Brothers, Mark Morano, Reggie Littlejohn, Victor Davis Hanson and others, to examine what global governance is, how it might affect our everyday lives, and why Christians should respond to this potentially world-changing event.

I recently sat down with Stakelbeck to discuss why a “Great Reset” is being portrayed as a benefit to civilization, whether this world-changing concept is gaining any traction, and what concerned citizens can do to thwart this alarming threat before it happens.

If you were trying to encourage a friend or family member to watch your TBN special, The Great Reset, what would you say to them? What would your sales pitch be?

I would say this is the most important story that you’ve probably never heard about. And it’s not a conspiracy theory. It all sounds a bit conspiratorial, but it’s not a conspiracy theory if the people behind it, who are very powerful, are saying it out loud. They are transmitting directly what they want to do. ‘The Great Reset’, the very term was coined by an individual named Klaus Schwab. He sounds like a James Bond villain and he looks like a James Bond villain. He really does. He’s a German guy with a very heavy accent. And the things he talks about are like something out of a Bond movie. Basically, what they want to do, and this includes the World Economic Forum, a very powerful global body, which Klaus Schwab is the head of, with support from the UN, from major corporations, and very wealthy individuals like Bill Gates.

What they’d like to see are a few things. Number one, they would essentially like to see a one world government. We heard the term New World Order bandied about a few years back. Now they’re calling it the ‘Great Reset’. What does that look like? Global governance. That means digital currency, a cashless society where all currency is digital. Number two, a digital ID. If you want to travel freely across borders, you’ve got to have this digital form of identification. And think of China at the end of the day, those are two major pillars. (With) digital ID and digital currency, there is obviously no privacy. But think of communist China and this social credit system. The communist regime of Beijing has it where you literally receive a credit score on how loyal you are to the regime and its agenda. So, say you post something on social media that opposes the regime or one of their policies that hurts your social credit score, what does that mean?

Well, perhaps you can’t bank at the bank of your choosing. Perhaps you can’t send your kids to a certain school or live in a certain neighborhood because, I’m sorry, your social credit score just isn’t high enough. That applies not only to private individuals under this ‘great reset’ vision, but also to companies. If your company does not meet a certain criteria for diversity, equity, or a main thing for the great resets like the climate and climate consciousness. If you’re not climate conscious enough, then you will be penalized. Basically, there’s no freedom of speech under this ‘Great Reset’ agenda and the vision these folks have. It’s chilling stuff.

From my perspective, this is a dangerous proposition for sure. But playing devil’s advocate here, what good could come from a ‘Great Reset’? How is it being portrayed as a benefit by its supporters?

Well, it’s interesting, because as bad as COVID was, and the pandemic year of 2021, the ‘Great Reset’ led by Klaus Schwab said, ‘Hey, this could be turned into a good thing. I’m referencing the COVID crisis here. Someone on the left has said, ‘Never let a crisis go to waste.’ And the ‘Great Reset’ crowd certainly believes that. They said, ‘Let’s take COVID and the chaos here, and transform it into something good in their view. That means a more equitable society, more diversity in companies, in corporations, including the leadership. More equity, meaning more people have the same, equality and equity, two different things. Equity is equality of outcomes, and the world doesn’t always work that way. But the ‘Great Reset’ folks want to play God in a sense. So that’s another factor.

(They want) a more climate conscious world where climate change and the fight against climate change is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and agendas. That’s what they would say is a more equitable world. And it’s interesting to them, it all sounds great, but one of their slogans from the beginning, was you will own it by the year 2030, which by the way, is a big target year for these folks. 2030 is a turning point for this ‘great reset’ agenda. They have it marked on their calendars. They want a lot of these things enforced and employed by them. This is on the World Economic Forums website. It’s not a conspiracy theory. These folks are saying it out loud. They said you will own nothing. You will have no privacy and you will be happy.

I just don’t see how all the different nations and countries could get on board for this and universally agree on it. Countries are constantly at odds all the time. For example, what the United States would like to see for global standards is quite different from what China would want. How could nations ever find consensus on this?

I don’t think they will in the short term. I don’t think they will on a global scale. But I do think the West, Western Europe and the United States will certainly come together under these kinds of initiatives that are being put forth by the ‘Great Reset’ crowd. I think the West will be kind of the standard bearer and the trend setter for all of these things. Whether it’s climate requirements, digital currency, or digital ID, the West is going to push this. I think today is such a different point in history in terms of potential tyranny. This is because Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and other people like that did not have the technology that we have today. Literally today, if you want to “rule the world or have global governance”, you’ll have a much easier time doing it thanks to technology and the fact that everyone is interconnected.

Everything’s digital. It’s not like the days where you have a few hundred bucks stashed under your mattress for a rainy day or for an emergency. That’s not going to matter anymore. If everything is digital, they can hang that over your head. You cannot buy or sell if you take a certain position. For Christians, for followers of Jesus, this is a very chilling thing. This is because the ‘Great Reset’ crowd, when they talk, and they talk a lot, there’s one name never mentioned. They see themselves as creating a heaven on earth, but God Is not a part of that. For Christians, the ‘Great Reset’ agenda is in direct opposition to a biblical Judeo-Christian worldview on everything from human sexuality, which is obviously a huge issue right now, to the right to life issue and other things. For example, if you have a certain view on say, the transgender issue, well, you might have some consequences there financially. It’s a lot easier to hit you where it hurts in your wallet if there’s a digital currency.

Looking at this through the lens of a Christian, as you have mentioned we have pretty strong views on LGBTQ that run counter to the expected ‘standards’ that would be set forth by this. For me, this all adds up to real trouble for Bible-believing Christians. Would this be an accurate assessment?

I think so, and honestly, that’s the main reason I put together this special for TBN. As a Christian, as a follower of Jesus, who is open about his views, who doesn’t hide it, I can see the writing on the wall, so to speak. What these folks want is inherently hostile to Christianity, to true biblical Christianity. And again, there’s no mention of God. It’s all about us being in essence, God on earth and creating a heaven on earth. In essence, they are shaking their fist at God and saying, we are going to change nature basically, and we’re going to do things our way. We are going to create this utopian society on earth. But a key point here is that it’s a small group of elites at the top who are really pushing this agenda. People like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and major corporations like BlackRock. And then there’s the rest of us. It’s almost like a new feudalism in a sense, where the working class, the middle class, and lower class folks here in the United States and around the world are going to be hurt by this. And by these standards, especially when it comes to climate, small businesses will be hurt by this. This is certainly what they’re driving towards. And again, 2030 is not that far off. It’s the year they’ve really circled on their calendar.

This is a big broad question, but is there a great deal of traction for a ‘Great Reset’? Or is this just a few influential people rattling sabers right now?

There is certainly not a great deal of traction right now. I think the average person is unaware about this, number one. That is one of the reasons we did the special, because it is a real thing. It’s not just a conspiracy that’s being whispered about in the back halls of Brussels. Maybe it was 20 years ago, but COVID really was a game changer for this agenda. Now it’s very out in the open. The Davos meetings have obviously gotten more coverage. It would be something to dismiss if the folks behind it weren’t so powerful. Quite frankly, financially and politically, you have people like Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada,  Emmanuel Macron in France, and the Biden administration who are believers in this. So you have some powerful folks who are on board. And by the way, going off the China model, as we said, they are another where they are obviously opposed to the West on many things. China’s also pushing a digital currency and really at the forefront of a lot of these ‘Great Reset’ policies. And by the way, China is very cozy with the World Health Organization, the UN’s global health body, which would have a role in this as well with mandates and vaccines. So, the China model is what we kept coming back to during the special, and you shake your head, because for me, as a freedom loving American, I feel for the Chinese people. It’s a dictatorship. It’s a communist dictatorship. But the ‘Great Reset’ folks don’t exactly look at it that way. Some of them have even said, ‘We envy China and what they’re able to do, the draconian measures they’re able to take against their own citizens.’

After people have watched The Great Reset on TBN what would you like your viewers to get out of the experience? What is your greatest hope for the program?

I don’t want people to sit there and be scared and worried and say, ‘Oh my gosh, what are we going to do?’ I want people to be activated. I think number one, get in the ear of your local and state officials, your congressman, your senator, whenever these initiatives are floated here in the United States. Do this every time you feel that it would threaten the sovereignty of the United States, I think we need to speak up and make our voices heard. We’ve seen the school board protest against things like the woke agenda, critical race theory, and transgenderism in our schools and our public schools. Well, that’s part of this ‘Great Reset’ agenda, by the way.

Stay involved, stay activated. Talk to your friends, your neighbors, and your c-oworkers about these issues. Inform other people. Stay informed. Don’t obsess over it, but stay informed. We should know we have a duty as Christians to know so we can be light in the darkness. And most of all, just keep praying for this country. I think at the end of the day, without revival in the United States, it’s going to be very tough to combat these threats that are gathering both within and without. So, I think the main thing is let’s continue to spread the Gospel, continue to stay in prayer, and continue to pray for a great revival in this nation.

Watch a Trailer for ‘The Great Reset’, Airing Monday, April 17th on TBN:


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