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I grew up in Minnesota – ya know, one of those states up by Canada, eh – where the winters are extremely cold and seemingly eternal. There were years where winter would start in September and end in late May… that's nine months of snow. Suffice it to say, people up north love spring.

I'm not sure where the tradition started, but on May 1st, we celebrated "May Day" – a holiday representing the end of winter and the beginning of spring. But what exactly does one do on a holiday dedicated to flowers, new growth, and mud? Well, we played Ding Dong Ditch with a bonus (obviously). The idea is to ring the doorbell and then leave an anonymous gift on your neighbors' or friends' stoop – a May Basket.

Martha and I live in Florida now, where May 1st isn't celebrated because it's already hot and muggy here. But I think it's time for May Day to make a comeback, not just as a celebration of spring, but as a celebration of new life and rebirth – including our new lives in Christ! As followers of Jesus, loving our neighbors as ourselves is just one way to share the hope that God planted in us.

So, this May 1st, prepare to celebrate your new life in Christ by showering your neighbors and coworkers in love! If you want to be traditional, prepare some gift baskets, put them on someone's front step, ring their doorbell, and bolt. In the era of doorbell cameras, you may get caught, but the sentiment is the same. Or perhaps pick up a bouquet of flowers on your way to work and put them in a shared office area. If you are working from home, save the picture from this blog post and attach it to the bottom of your emails as a day brightener. The idea is to simply be a blessing to those around you.

Galatians 6:10 says, "So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone…" 

May Day is a fantastic opportunity for you to do good for your neighbors, coworkers, or employees. As you form new friendships, God will open the door for you to share the best gift of all: the gospel of life.

Happy May Day! You can leave the basket at the door.


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