The vicious rage of cheaters - Divorce Minister

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You would think a cheater would be the happy one as they are selfishly indulging in illicit sex.

Yet they seem to be the most onerous person in the world in interactions with their faithful partner. It is like the faithful partner offended them profoundly as opposed to the opposite as is true.

I am sure cheaters behave this way because conscience–or what is left of it–is screaming at them over their wicked ways.

So, the faithful spouse becomes the target of their spiteful, cruel rage. They are the ones that remind them of what they should be doing but are not. That is the offense, in my opinion.

That does not change how painful the experience is for the faithful spouse.

Just remember that someone’s behavior may have absolutely NOTHING to do with you even when they say otherwise. It is about the war in their souls. Sadly, most cheaters lose that battle and give into the life of the lie.

Fortunately, God provides a way out for faithful spouses. We are permitted to amputate that spiritual rot by divorce (see Mt 19:9). Sometimes, sadly, that “surgery” is absolutely necessary.