What Does God Expect from a Believer in This Life? - Raising Generation Zion

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The Bible is full of life frameworks. Blueprints that lead to building a deeper foundation in Christ Jesus. Getting deeper into each of these frameworks needs personal time with the Teacher. The Holy Spirit is our counselor who always gives the best advice. 

How to hear from the Holy Spirit? Wait in prayer with a sincere heart.

What does God expect from you?

The Prophet Micah lays down three things God requires for us (Micah 6:8).

  1. Do Justly 
  2. Love Mercy
  3. Walk Humbly

What does it mean to be a Just person? To be fair, righteous or truthful. Your future is in God’s hands if you live justly. God is truth, and if you are on the path of truth, you will find God. Every believer needs to speak the truth. They are not only to speak the truth but also to live honestly before all men. Impartiality, fair conduct, and right living are natural lifestyles. How to walk in truth? Give room for the Spirit of truth. We cannot do the will of God with our power. The Holy Spirit enables us to do the will of God in deed and prayer (Romans 8:26-28).

Do you love mercy? What does it mean to love mercy? Love God with all our heart, mind, and strength. Love the mercy He bestowed on us through the blood of Jesus Christ. Unless we do not forgive others, God cannot forgive us. There is no love without mercy. A righteous man trusts in God and will always show mercy because he acknowledges the forgiveness he received from God.

Self-righteousness lacks humility. To walk humbly, we need to learn humility and lowliness of the heart (Matthew 11:29). Following Jesus makes it possible. Learning from Him alone will prepare us for eternal life. Walking in humility before God (and man) reaps its reward in time (James 4:10). 

Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.