Worship Rehearsal Checklist

Solid prep work is essential for excellent rehearsals. Here is an extensive checklist to help you with many of the details.

Worship Rehearsal Checklist

A) Pre-Rehearsal Checklist (1-3 weeks ahead)

  1. Book all players and singers (I usually book everyone a month ahead… and I use planningcenter.com and follow-up late members with texts if needed)
  2. Pray about the worship list. Ask God what He wants.
  3. Are there any special events happening this week? (communion, water baptism, etc.)
  4. If you have multiple leaders: Contact them and work on the set list.
  5. Are these the best songs? (12 Keys To Picking Great Songs For Worship)
  6. Are these the best keys for the songs, leader(s) and congregation?
  7. Do these songs flow well? Is this the best order for the songs?
  8. Is there a good balance of fast, medium & slow songs?
  9. Double-check all the charts: Are all the chords and words correct?
  10. Write or buy any charts for new songs. (Worship Charts: 7 Keys To A Great Rehearsal)
  11. Are there transposed capo parts for the acoustic guitar player?
  12. Are all the tempos correct? Have you marked them on the music?
  13. When do the players come in and when do they sit out?
  14. What are the vocal parts (SAT) for the songs?
  15. Sing through all the vocal parts to make sure they work.
  16. Are all the team members confirmed for that rehearsal?
  17. Have all the players and singers been sent the list and charts? (I use Dropbox or Planning Center Online for this)
  18. Have you asked the individual players to work on the solo parts and harder sections?
  19. Do all the players have access to a recording of the version you want to do?
  20. Have you transposed the MP3 into the key you are doing it in?
  21. Do you use tracks or clicks? Make sure you have all the tracks and clicks in order.
  22. Are all the church owned instruments working and in good order?
  23. Do the tech people have all the details and order of the lyrics?
  24. Have you personally rehearsed and memorized the songs?

B) Mid-Week Rehearsal Checklist

  1. Clean-up the stage from last Sunday
  2. Set-up for this Sunday
  3. Have all the charts ready (either put on stands or have the players bring their own)
  4. Determine the flow of the rehearsal (10 Keys To Improving Your Rehearsal)
  5. What song are you rehearsing first?
  6. Arrive early for rehearsal
  7. Greet the team members as they arrive
  8. Start on time
  9. Pray
  10. Sound-check
  11. Keep the flow of the rehearsal going
  12. Be ready for extra rehearsal for trouble spots
  13. Encourage excellence
  14. Encourage memorization (9 Keys To Memorizing Music For Worship)
  15. Rebuke bad work ethic, unprepared players and/or bad attitudes.
  16. Listen to the whole band (Is everyone playing/singing in tune and in time?)
  17. Are the players and singers coming in and sitting out where necessary?
  18. Are there proper dynamics in the music?
  19. Is the soundman comfortable with the stage volume?
  20. Worship (Get past the music and worship God)
  21. Singers: drink lots of water
  22. Remind the team of good stage presence
  23. Support team members practically and spiritually
  24. Have fun
  25. Figure out how you want to transition from one song to the next.
  26. If time permits, run through the entire set again in order non-stop
  27. Make announcements: pertinent details for that week and upcoming events
  28. End on time
  29. Pray and spend time with the team
  30. Prep the stage for Sunday (clean-up any mess from the rehearsal)

C) Pre-Service Rehearsal Checklist

  1. Arrive early
  2. Set-up your gear, space and in-ear monitors
  3. Have water ready
  4. Greet team as they arrive
  5. Start on time
  6. Sound-check
  7. Pray
  8. Run-through songs and work on transitions
  9. Are the onscreen words correct?
  10. If time permits: re-run any new song or problem section
  11. Worship God – (Where Is Your Focus On Sunday Mornings?)
  12. Review intros, endings and transitions
  13. Encourage the team
  14. Review service order
  15. Pray

Is this list complete? Did I miss anything? What works for you? Do you have any questions about these points?