You Are Worth So Much More Than A Pair of Designer Jeans

It all began in 1985, with a $68 pair of jeans…

I was fifteen and worked at a hamburger joint in the little Kansas town where I grew up. Sophomore year was getting ready to start and I had been saving money to buy school clothes.

Taking my hard earned cash to the most popular store in town, (never a good idea), I got suckered into buying a $68 pair of Girbaud Jeans. Never heard of them? I’m not surprised.

What I thought was going to boost my popularity, draw attention, and win friends, ended up being a hard life lesson. Instead of getting 2-3 complete outfits for school, I got one very expensive pair of designer jeans. And no one noticed.

Sisters, isn’t that sometimes how we approach Christianity? We believe that something we do, or say, or even wear might buy us a ticket to acceptance. And it doesn’t take long for our judgment to be clouded with what man thinks of us.

We were designed for more!

Even in our Christian circles, we may find ourselves desperate to fit in, be loved, and be noticed. But we’ve already captured the attention of the ONLY ONE WHO MATTERS.

While we were still sinners Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

His thoughts over us are too numerous to count! (Psalm 139:17-18)

He formed our inward parts. He knows every detail about us! (Psalm 139:13)

Every hair on our head is numbered. (Luke 12:7)

He is coming to take us home to live with Him forever. (Revelation 22:12)

So, how can we STOP seeking man’s approval?

> We can redefine popularity

Just thinking about those days in the 80s make me cringe. I was so caught up in popularity, I missed out on a world of possibility! Even now, in my forties, I sometimes battle the same thing. However, I’ve learned to guard my heart in Christ Jesus and commit everything to Him. Even when I feel like something is the best opportunity ever, I pause to ask what God thinks. I know how fleeting man’s affections are and how inconsistent people can be. But God’s thoughts towards us are as numerous as the stars! (Psalm 40:5)

> We can set out with clarity

Far too often, we get sucked into things without predetermined clarity. When we feel needed or even exalted in any way, we tend to leap forward without a single thought about what God’s will is. Our intentions may be good, but our discernment may be off. We can gain clarity by knowing who God is and who He created us to be.

> We can settle for less

One of my favorite movies of all time is the 1995 film, Sabrina. It’s a remake from the 1954 production and stars Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. There is one profound line in that movie that has stuck with me for years…

“More isn’t always better…sometimes it’s just more.”

Isn’t that so true? Sisters, what we think will make us happy, might just be a really expensive pair of designer jeans that end up having no value at all.

Are you disgusted with the cost of “looking the part”? Are you frustrated with yourself, that you’ve wanted so badly to “fit in,” you’ve forgotten that you’re already part of the inner circle–Christ’s circle?

Be encouraged today! You were designed for more. Much more. And who you are has nothing to do with an overpriced pair of designer jeans.

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