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    The Lord's Unending Love

    The unwavering love and endless mercy of the Lord are renewed each day, offering us a fresh start and the assurance of His constant faithfulness. This daily renewal provides hope and strength, remind us of God's eternal commitment to us.

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    God's Boundless Goodness

    Recognizing the Lord's goodness and mercy in all of creation reminds us of His boundless love and care. This awareness can inspire gratitude and reverence, motivating us to reflect His kindness in our interactions with others and in our stewardship of the world.

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    Looking for God's Delighted Face

    The Lord passed in front of Moses, calling out, “Yahweh! The Lord! The God of compassion and mercy! I am slow to anger and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness.” – Exodus 34:6I believe this is the best verse in the whole Bible that describes God. Five times throughout the...

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    Divine Compassion

    This verse beautifully encapsulates the essence of God's character, emphasizing His patience and enduring love. It serves as a powerful reminder of His unwavering grace and the boundless compassion He extends to all, encouraging us to emulate these virtues.

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    Calling the Sinners

    This verse highlights Jesus' mission to reach out to those in need of spiritual healing. By stating that He came to call sinners, not the righteous, Jesus emphasizes His mercy and redemptive purpose, offering hope and salvation to all who recognize their need for Him.

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    I Have Set My Bow 

    I stand on the true meaning and purpose of the rainbow regardless of what the culture promotes. For the LORD God said in Genesis 9:13-15; "I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I bring...

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    NOT arguing for the return of the death penalty for cheaters! - Divorce Minister

    “If a man commits adultery with his neighbor’s wife, both the man and the woman who have committed adultery must be put to death.” -Leviticus 20:10, NLT When I quote from the Old Testament Law about adultery, my point is not to argue for a reinstatement for the death penalty. My point is to push … Continue reading "NOT arguing for the return of the death penalty for cheaters!"