Eating Disorders Versus Disordered Eating & Releasing Control

how to tell difference between eating disorder and disordered eating

We continue my series with non-diet dietitians today and Friday with a two-part interview with Brittany Braswell, RD. Today Brittany and I dig into all things eating disorders and disordered eating. Do you know the difference between those two terms? Today, Brittany answered this question and more as we talk about control and food issues. Here are a few other questions answered in today’s episode:

  • How do you know when you have an eating disorder?
  • How do you tell when someone has an eating disorder? Isn’t it easy to spot anorexia?
  • What about binge eating? If I overeat sometimes, how do I know if it’s Binge Eating Disorder?
  • What happens when we compliment women on their bodies if they’re struggling with ED or disordered eating?

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Also mentioned in today’s episode: My interview with my intern, Amber. Listen here. 

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