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miss the rapture

Have you missed the bus to school because of oversleeping? Missed your train ride for an important meeting because you lost your morning rhythm? In life, we learn from our mistakes when we miss out on important events. We make sure we never make the same mistake if it is dear to us.

Everything we learn on earth is to prepare us for the greatest event which is coming up soon. The rapture of the Spirit baptised church.

Can believers be unaware of the rapture? Not for those who love the Lord, and desire only Him.

Jesus warns us in Luke 21:34, the reasons for missing out on the rapture.

How to not miss the rapture?

We need to be careful about these Three things which fills hearts, and will cause believers to miss the rapture.

1. Surfeiting (excess)
2. Drunkenness (intoxication)
3. Cares of this life (worldliness)

We are constantly warned in scripture to take heed, watch and pray, etc. why? So we do not miss the coming of Christ.

Excess of anything of this world will keep us too busy to labour for Jesus. The sinful live in excess with no time or regard for God. We cannot be found living like them, unsatisfied and greedy.

What happens when one is intoxicated? They have no idea where they are or even who they are. Drunk with selfish passions and pride of this life, will make one easily miss out on the rapture.

Worrying about the things of this world rather than seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness will keep us away from the day of Christ. Trust Jesus to stop worrying about earthly needs.

Let none of us be found in any of these lifestyles. May God have mercy as we seek Him daily. Maranatha, praise God and amen

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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