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I love to watch movies, and there are so many favorites it’s hard to pick just one. That said, I do have an all-time favorite line from the movie The Italian Job. In the film, a couple of characters are having a conversation, and one of them asks, “how are you doing?” And the other answers, “I’m fine.” The first one responds, “Really? Freaked out,insecure, neurotic, and emotional? How are you really doing?” 

 Since it’s January, and in the classic western tradition, most of us are thinking about things we can change to make this year better than the last; I’ve been thinking a lot about this particular movie line. So often, we pull out our New York accent and say “how you doin’?” by way of a greeting, but we don’t actually want to know the answer.  

But what would happen if we pulled an Italian Job? If we asked how our coworkers, employees, and customers were doing and if they said “fine,” we responded with, “Really? Freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional? No, really, how are you doing?” And then waited for the true answer? 

Since we work with people every day, we know what’s normal for them. So, when we notice that they seem a little off, one way or another, it’s a great time to put this movie line into action and then stop and listen. Let them tell you how they’re really doing. Obviously, a stranger is not going to tell you the personal details of their life, BUT if you’ve taken time to pray for them every day and made an effort to get to know who they are, they’re going to see that you’re a safe person. 

And when they have shared with you how they’re doing, ask them this question next: “Can I pray with you about that?” When somebody has shared something deep from their heart, they are always open to prayer. 

Talk about a spiritual New Year’s resolution with an eternal kick! This simple habit of listening and praying WITH your coworkers shows them that God is real and that He cares for them. 

Oh, and if you want to join a community of other Christ-followers with this same spiritual New Year’s resolution, check out the iWork4Him Nation Covenant

–       Jim

Used with permission from Jim Brangenberg.

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