How to Stop Being a Controlling Woman Featuring Shannon Popkin

I know all about battling control and so does today’s guest, Shannon Popkin, author of the book, “Control Girl.” Today, Shannon and I talk about all things related to how to stop being a controlling woman. We talk about: why women control, how we control, and what some of the antidotes are for control. If you’re looking for help on how to stop being this kind of controlling woman, I hope you’ll tune in to this delightful and informative conversation.

Here are some of the highlights from How to Stop Being a Controlling Woman:

  • Shannon and I share our stories of trying to control our husband’s clothing choices (and not in a helpful way!).
  • We talk about where this whole struggle with control began, biblically, and how women have been wrestling control since the days of Eve.
  • We talk about becoming aware of the things we are trying to control and then becoming realistic about what is within our control and what is outside of our control.
  • Controlling our bodies, our food, our families, and other things can have a real (and damaging) impact on our lives. We discuss some of the effect of control.
  • We end with some encouragement for moms who have a prodigal child, are trying to raise “healthy” daughters, and more.
  • You may want to check out Heather’s confession of being a controlling woman and how it affected her marriage in this blog post.

Mentioned in today’s show:

Shannon’s book, Control Girl – Find it here on Amazon (Amazon affiliate link).

Shannon’s first episode with Heather on comparison. LIsten here.

Erin Davis’s book, Grafitti for girls. (Amazon affiliate link)

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how to stop being a controlling woman

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