Proverbs 13

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The righteous in Christ will always glow even after their time on earth. But those who practice wickedness will be snuffed out in no time.

§  Hope is only for the living. When it is deferred, it will bring discouragement and make your soul downcast. Keep hope alive at every time and season.

§  Favor is a product of good understanding. This is the secret of enjoying the favor of God and men at all times. This is why Jesus and other men like Samuel, grew in favor and wisdom before God and men.

§  To transgress means to overstep or break principles, commands, and instructions. The one who intentionally does and enjoys this will never enjoy favor from God and men.

§  It is indeed sweet to the soul when a righteous act or deed in accordance with God’s will is accomplished. But it is bitter to the soul when the acts of wickedness are accomplished.

§  One of the ways to excel in wisdom is to be surrounded with people who are wise.

§  You cannot be in the company of those who don’t share your values and expect to grow and excel in wisdom.

§  Those in the camp of darkness will always have evil lurking behind them.

§  The inheritance we leave for our children should not be limited to only physical wealth and possessions but also godly and Christ-centered heritage that will be taught from one generation to another.

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§  It is better to discipline one’s child while the child is still young than to realize that the time you would have chastised the foolishness from the child is late.

§  There’s love in disciplining a child when it is done with wisdom and out of love.

The wicked will never be content with what they have. They continually seek to get more of everything at even the cost of a person’s life. Truly contentment is great gain. Live in contentment.


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