“I just want open and honest communication,” says Cheater.

Cheating is no fun when you are faced with consequences that come with open honesty with your victim–i.e. the faithful spouse. Two-sided openness is such a drag for those committed to a lifestyle of deception.

When Cheaters say that they want openness and honesty in communications, this is stated as a way to bait YOU into sharing. It is a one-sided “open and honest” sort of sharing that they are after.

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” When we share our plans with them, we are giving them power. This is what they want as it helps them keep control–or so they think.

Another motive to profess the desire for open and honest communication is to seek cover for cruel behavior.

They might make such a profession just before attacking your character in front of a pastor or counselor in the name of “honesty.” Such a profession makes them look noble while engaging in emotional abuse of their partner.

They’re just being “honest.” Why are you being so hostile?!

The reality is truth and reality are beyond the grip of such Cheaters. They likely engage in such behavior fully believing the lies that they are spewing. Sadly, Satan–the Father of Lies–has a firm grip on their souls (see John 8:43-44).