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Have you ever pondered the reality that your most impactful contribution to God’s kingdom may not be something you do but someone you raise? The first time I reflected on that reality, I was hit with a wave of memories of my own children from their infancy to their formative years. I thought about what I might have done better and what tools could have been more helpful for raising lifelong followers of Christ.

The spiritual journey of a child begins before birth. Studies reveal that unborn babies start hearing sounds at 18 weeks of gestation, and that they can discern shapes resembling faces in the womb. Once born, infants find comfort in their parents’ voices and their mothers’ embrace. By the age of five, a child’s brain has already developed to 90 percent of its potential.

Parents and grandparents serve as a child’s primary and most impactful teachers, followed by church and ministry leaders. Through our actions and words, we impart values such as respect, honor, honesty, truth, obedience, consequences, decision-making, repentance, forgiveness, trust, and peace. Our commitment to living out and sharing our faith must be consistent so that our children can witness Christ in us. We must pray for their strength in their faith journey while acknowledging God as the leader of our homes and personal lives.

Parenting wields a profound influence on a child’s life journey. You might be nurturing a future president, philanthropist, scientist, archaeologist, brain surgeon, or someone profoundly moved by God’s love like Billy Graham. However, one certainty remains: your children will mirror the way you raise them as they engage with the world and eventually raise their own families.

The age-old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do,” has never worked. Children inherently emulate their parents’ actions, echoing what they see and hear. They are like sponges, and it is our God-given responsibility to love, guide, and care for their hearts and minds. We are entrusted with the mission to train our children in the ways of God, aligning their lives with His Word every day. No small task but a critical one.

To prepare them for the Lord’s divine purpose for their lives, we must instill in our children a deep, unwavering love for God and His Word. This foundation equips them to stand firm in their faith as they grow, even when it becomes unpopular. Our children will strive to emulate our lives, our treatment of others, our reverence for God, and our commitment to Him. If our daily lives are at odds with the biblical values we instill in them, how can we expect them to maintain unwavering faith?

As Christian parents, we want our children to grow up to love God, to obey his commands, to follow his direction, and to walk in a strong faith for their entire lives. We pray for God’s guidance and blessing as we do our best to be good, responsible moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, and ministry leaders. We strive to help our sons and daughters grow into mature, loving, god-fearing adults who will make a difference in the lives of those they touch. We want them to be confident and joy filled.

In today’s culture of relativism, where absolute truth is often questioned, our children need a firm grasp of God’s unchanging truth. Humanism strives to convince them that there is no absolute truth, only subjective perspectives, and that God does not exist. We must help our children understand the concept of absolute truth, recognize it, and defend it.

We are blessed to have access to a wealth of resources today to assist us in this mission. My passion lies in helping parents raise resilient, Christ-centered children. It is because of this passion that God has led me to write an in-depth, practical parenting guide full of expert advice, fun activities, daily encouragement, real-life scenarios, and simple solutions for Christian parenting. Raising Kids to Follow Christ: Instilling a Lifelong Trust in God is filled with topics covering such topics as:

  • How to be consistent in modeling our faith and obedience to God

  • Creating environments that promote godly values

  • Setting up “play spaces” where children’s play reinforces their faith

  • How to face and overcome obstacles at all stages of child development

  • Discerning between discipline and discipling

  • Practical strategies for addressing doubts, fears, and questions in today’s culture

  • Easy-to-understand apologetics for children and adults

  • Fun ways to connect your child’s heart to Christ

  • And so much more

This book is all about transforming a child’s heart to love and obey God while offering an easy-to-follow, practical blueprint for nurturing a deep and unwavering faith in Christ. Raising Christian Kids is my 501(c)(3) nonprofit, filled with resources that mold a child’s heart and mind to withstand the secular challenges they will inevitably encounter. Please visit to listen to our weekly podcast and expert interviews and download our free resources. You can also follow us on all major social media and podcast sites. Please join me as we work together to inspire those who are nurturing the next generation. Our mission is all about the salvation of our children, their lifelong journey of faith, and the preservation of Christianity!

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8 NIV) And teach them to your children!

Lee Ann Mancini

Founder of Raising Christian Kids

Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Executive Producer of Sea Kids

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