Resource Reminder: David Clarke, PhD - Divorce Minister

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While wondering on the internet looking for resources from David Clarke, PhD, I stumbled upon his website (click here).

These past few days I have been listening to his podcast. He has some good things to say in those podcasts. Clarke is not a wimpy Christian counselor. He does not let cheaters off the hook for blowing up the marriage.

I recommend listening to his podcast series entitled “My Spouse Wants Out.” He does a good job providing tough biblical counsel on dealing with such a spouse. One area he addresses strongly is how to handle the question of working with children through this mess.

On the whole, I agree with Clarke. However, I disagree on one point…

He proudly proclaims that he “never” counsels divorce. He would never counsel a faithful spouse to file the divorce papers. I do not believe this is biblical (see Jeremiah 3:8 and Matthew 1:19).

Sometimes, I see a godly response to adultery is divorce.

God did so in Jeremiah 3:8. So, I see no problem counseling a faithful spouse to file divorce papers to deal with such sin. Sometimes, divorce is the best of the bad options left following marital infidelity discovery.


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