Thanks for the Memories, November!

Thanks for the memoriesI know it’s cliché to say, “This year has flown by!”  But hasn’t it? Maybe it’s because we are almost 1/2 way through my baby’s senior year.  Or maybe it’s because the older and slower you are, the faster everything else seems to be.  But regardless, November has been on turbo jet wings.  All that to say I’ll try to remember what’s happened so I can give thanks for the memories in this month.

I started the month having lunch with my twin sister.  She has a great new job and I wanted to see her office and meet her new people.  Was so much fun.  I am super grateful for her and the time.

The next week took Shelby and me to several doctor’s appointments and my local polling place.  None of that really brought me joy, but seeing Allie perform in another play did!  I don’t count Still Life with Iris among my favorite plays, but my girl + a stage = a good time.thanks for the memories

I made my family’s famous cornbread dressing (the secret ingredient is…well, then it wouldn’t be a secret) for the high school choir department’s annual Thanksgiving feast.  At the 11th hour I realized I needed more of the secret ingredient and my sweet husband drove to a store an hour away to retrieve it.  Thanksgiving feast was saved!  I mean, many other people brought food, but mine has a secret ingredient, people!

The very next day I had Thanksgiving feast with Shelby at her dayhab facility.  It was nice to get to visit with her caregivers and other special needs parents in a relaxed environment.  Bonus:  I discovered in a coffee shop that day that the white noise app I sometimes use to sleep works well in my earbuds to drown out noise so I can write!  If you already do this, don’t tell me.  This is revolutionary to me!

Chuck and I had some friends over to watch a Cowboys game.  They won and the company was fun.  I needed that because the next day I took Shelby to her annual sedated teeth cleaning (it’s a whole special needs thing) and I renewed my CPR certification.  I can hardly contain my enthusiasm (insert sarcastic eye roll).

During this time, my daughter’s high school had football and volleyball teams in the playoffs.  The volleyball team won the 5A State title!  And the football team made it to the 2nd round.  What a fun time for my senior girl!

In between all the fun and responsibility, Chuck and I dove into season 5 of The Crown.  I cannot tell a lie, this one didn’t measure up to previous seasons.  At least that’s our opinion.  Being a huge Friends fan, I talked the hubs into the train wreck that was Matthew Perry’s interview about his book.  I am still stunned at some of the things he shared.

We took Shelby to the theater to see Spirited.  Honestly not a very Christmasy Christmas movie.  And definitely not for the kiddies, but I found it silly and amusing.  When you see a Will Farrell movie, that’s all you really hope for.  Plus I never mind looking at Ryan Reynolds.  And that’s a good transition piece as I now move to all Christmas shows all the time!  At least for the next month.

I love a theme, so I tried to find a Thanksgiving book to read.  Pretty tough.  I checked out a children’s book Thanksgiving Poems.  There were a couple of good ones.  More enjoyable was digging into Charles Martin novels after hearing so much about him for so long!  I listened to The Water Keeper and The Letter Keeper.  Very different from what I usually choose, but I devoured them.  Can’t wait to complete the trilogy!  And now I shall commence reading Christmas books!  I do love a theme.

As this post goes to press I am still enjoying being with my family.  The older I get the more I want to be under the same roof with my family – including the ones who birthed me and know me best.  I pray your Thanksgiving involved some good food, your favorite people and gratefulness for all God has done.  And as always, I love you, I thank you and I hope December is merry!

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Donna and I were thinking and writing about the same thing last week – where grace and gratitude meet in tough times.  Read Redeeming the Hard Places.  Especially if you are struggling this Thanksgiving week.

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