The Lion of Judah (5) The Resurrection of Jesus

A 5 Resurrection of Jesus Colour

The Lion of Judah

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Book 5: The Resurrection of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus – PDF

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The Lion of Judah – rediscovering Jesus:

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Selection from this book: Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

The Lion of Judah Series

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Selection from (1) The Titles of Jesus: Aslan – The Lion of Judah

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Selection from (3) The Life of Jesus: Prayer, Crowds and Healing

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Cover art by Rebecca Brogan –

Emblem_of_Jerusalem.svgThe Emblem of Jerusalem – The Lion of Judah

The Hebrew word is Jerusalem

Contents of (5) The Resurrection of Jesus


The Old Testament proclaims God’s Kingdom

Jesus proclaimed his Resurrection and Reign

The Resurrection is God’s Vindication of Jesus’ Reign

The New Testament proclaims Jesus’ Reign

Narrative Summary:

Holy Week

The Resurrection and Ascension

About the Author

Appendix: Resources 

Easter Sunday Risen

Holy Week

This summary follows the outline in Mark’s Gospel:

Selections from

The Lion of Judah (4) The Death of Jesus and

The Lion of Judah (5) The Resurrection of Jesus

Palm Sunday – Day of Demonstration

 Mark 11:1-11 (Zech 9:9) – Jesus enters Jerusalem

Monday – Day of Authority

Mark 11:12-19 – fig tree, temple cleansed

Tuesday – Day of Conflict

Mark 11:20 – 13:36 – debates with leaders

Wednesday – Day of Preparation

Mark 14:1-11 – anointed at Bethany

Thursday – Day of Farewell

Mark 14:12-42 – last supper

Good Friday – Day of Crucifixion

Mark 14:43 – 15:47 – trials and death

Saturday – Day of Sabbath

Mark 15:46-47 – tomb sealed

Easter Sunday – Day of Resurrection

Mark 16:1-18 – resurrection appearances

Resurrection Events

The Resurrection and the Great Forty Days


Women carry spices to the tomb
The Garden
Mt 28:1 Mk 16:1,2 Lk 24:1

The angel had rolled away the stone
The Garden
Mt 28:2

Women announce the resurrection
Mt 28:8 Lk 24:9,10Jn 20:1,2

Peter and John run to the tomb
The Garden
Lk 24:12Jn 20:3

The women return to the tomb
The Garden
Lk 24:1

The guards report these things to the chief priests
Mt 28:11-15


1)  To Mary Magdalene: ‘All hail! Fear not. Touch me not’
The Garden
Mt 16:9-10, Jn 20:14

2) To the women returning home:

‘Go tell my brothers that they go into Galilee – there shall they see me’  The Garden  Mt 28:9,

3) To two disciples going to Emmaus  Emmaus Road  Mk 16:12, Lk 24:13-34

4) To Peter  Jerusalem  1Cor 15:5, Lk 24:34

5) To ten Apostles  Jerusalem  Lk 24:33, Jn 20:19

‘Peace be unto you As my Father hath sent me, so send I you. ‘Receive ye the Holy Spirit. Whoever’s sins you remit,’ etc  Jerusalem  Jn 20:2-23

6) To the eleven Apostles  Jerusalem  Mk 16:14, Jn 20:26 ‘Peace be unto you’.Jn 20:2

To Thomas: ‘Reach out your finger,’ etc  ‘Blessed are they that have not seen, yet have believed’

7) To 500 at once  Unknown  1 Cor 15:6

8) To James  Unknown  1 Cor 15:6

9) To the disciples at the sea of Tiberias, including a miracle draught of fishes  Galilee Jn 21:1-24

To Peter; ‘Feed my sheep, feed my lambs’ Galilee Jn 21:15-17

10) To the 11 disciples on a mountain: ‘All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, … Lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age.’  Galilee Mt 28:16-20

THE ASCENSION  Mt of Olives, Bethany  Mk 16:19, Lk 24:50-51, Acts 1:9-11

Due to different emphases in each gospel, the chronological order is not always clear. The tables are one possibility. This chronology is adapted and used with permission from Believe:

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