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Sheryl H. Boldt

Sheryl H. Boldt has loved writing ever since she saw her mother, an aspiring author, pecking on her Royal manual typewriter. That inspiration has lead Sheryl to write fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. Her articles have been published in magazines such as War Cry and The Upper Room. Sheryl’s weekly column appears in at least thirty newspapers and her award-winning story, Grandma’s Little Helpers, delights small and not-so-small readers alike. Because of her past battles with Anorexia/Bulimia and Depression, Sheryl looks for fresh ways to connect struggling people to God’s Word. A strong believer in accountability, Sheryl Boldt mentors ladies via email, social media, and accountability groups. You can read her devotions on her blog, www.TodayCanBeDifferent.net. Connect with her at SherylHBoldt@gmail.com.