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Not in a million years did I imagine that I would be hit with the dual freight train of my former spouse’s infidelities and divorce of me.

Yet that is now part of my story.

My scars.

Witnesses of my survival.

Scars that may produce healing as scars are wont to do for those who follow in the Good Shepherd’s footsteps. My God wastes nothing–even and especially that which was intended for evil.

He’s in the business of redemption.

People from family to complete strangers have sought my theological musings on the matters of divorce and infidelity. This blog is a compilation of my thoughts on these issues as both a trained professional minister and as someone who is intimately acquainted with the darkness of these valleys. It is written to fill a gap in the literature now available to those who desire to live according to Scripture yet are faced with the sad realities of a world broken by sin.



These are my own views as an ordained evangelical minister, professional chaplain, and adultery survivor. I speak for myself and not any of the organizations to which I belong. Consider this a pastoral care blog and NOT mental health counseling. I encourage all to seek appropriate professional care as needed.