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When I got divorced back in 2012, I had a good divorce lawyer. She was probably the clearest-eyed professional in the whole saga ending.

It was a flat fee sort of thing. Looking back, I am grateful that somehow I found this lawyer seeing how divorce attorneys can be very expensive. Now, we had a very simple divorce as we were poor with no kids. Still, I am grateful that I had that lawyer.

I look back and see how someone who was not part of the evangelical subculture could see things so much clearer.

She was not taken in by my ex-wife’s manipulations and maneuvers. Even though I did not feel like celebrating, she congratulated me on my divorce. Now, I am grateful for that merciful divorce as it paved the way to my current blessed life with Mrs. DM and Munchkin.

My point is to find a good lawyer when going through a divorce. A secular lawyer is fine. In fact, they might see things clearer than a “faith-based” lawyer from the evangelical subculture!

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