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What sin are you hiding from God? We need to daily examine our lives and be at the feet of Jesus. One man’s disobedience brought evil into the world. Examine your life for any area that’s bringing division or despair in the family.

Achan’s sin made Israel face defeat. 36 soldiers were killed. The army became hopeless, their hearts failing they began doubting the Lord’s promise.

What did Achan do that caused defeat in the hands of the enemy?

1. Set his eyes on the riches God wanted completely destroyed.
2. Greatly desired what was accursed in the sight of God.
3. Stole the riches and kept it in his own tent.
4. Hid his terrible act from everyone.
5. He disobeyed God despite all the great victories he had received fighting for Israel

How to NOT face defeat in the hands of the enemy

Eve had set her eyes on the fruit and found herself eventually disobeying God’s word.

Saul did not completely destroy the Amalekites, he ended up killing himself. God specifically told him not to keep anything from the spoils of war against the Amalekites. Instead, he kept the best sheep and oxen to sacrifice to God. He deceitfully kept the best but used it as an excuse to give to God. Over time, Saul lost his diligence and hope, killed himself.

Samson rejected the counsel of God, wasting his life in sexual immorality. He lost his vision. Samson was warned multiple times to stay away from such a lifestyle. His overconfidence cost him and Israel.

Each ones disobedience brought suffering to God’s people. In prayer, attack every area of your life that you know doesn’t please God.

Jesus obedience saved mankind. So will ours to God, save the people in our lives.

Look to Jesus, He can rescue us from the impossible. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen!

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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