Adieu April: Another Month Has Gone By

another month has gone by

Spring has sprung and here in Texas that means it’s getting hot and muggy already.  School activities are ramping up into high gear as the days on the instructional calendar tick away.

One more school year with my Allie at home and then she will step out into new adventures without us.  It’s hard to believe.

Physical therapy appointments and exercises filled the first part of my month.  Unfortunately it only exacerbated my sciatic pain.  I received a second sedated epidural injection on the 19th and wait impatiently to see if it offers me any additional relief.  In between I worked a little, banquet dress shopped for Allie (she has 4 to attend), and got to hear her choirs perform their UIL show twice!  We also watched a digital premiere for Baylor University with Allie (her current first choice for college) and started planning some in-person visits!

Easter Treats

Another month has gone byOur church held a special Maundy Thursday service during Holy Week and we attended Easter service Saturday night with Chuck’s parents so we could drive out to spend Easter day with my parents, my PawPaw and my sisters’ families.  There was food (of course),  confetti eggs, an egg hunt and cooking with Aunt Kristen (a holiday favorite for the kids).  And on Good Friday Shelby had an egg hunt with Best Buddies.

Allie Rose and a whole slew of her smart friends were inducted into the National Honor Society in a ceremony that left much to be desired.  But an honor for her none the less.  Then the next night she starred as Giselle in a one act play of Enchanted.  I am more than a little biased, but I think she’s the perfect princess!  Watch a short clip

Updates on the Hubs

Chuck still had a few doctor’s appointments sprinkled in there.  He is trying to eat a little more by mouth so he can eventually evict the feeding tube, but swallowing still hurts a lot.  He also has some lymphatic swelling getting in the way of his throat.  So we have applied for insurance coverage on a new device to help with this.  We are having fun with how good it looks.  My sisters deemed it his luchador outfit (think Nacho Libre).  The wrestler names they have suggested:  El Detallista – The Retailer (he works for WalMart) or El Sobreviviente – The Survivor.  I think I like the later!

April Entertainment

I did not mention any books in my round up last month.  That’s because I’ve been struggling to get through one for the last 6 weeks.  I’m not sure why except that I’m still taking medication for my sciatica that makes me sleepy.  And most of my reading time is in bed at night.  First Women:  The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies by Kate Andersen Brower seemed like a perfect book for Women’s History Month, but now that month has come and gone.  I loved Brower’s The Residence:  Inside the Private World of the White House (highly recommend), and this one is full of interesting stories and details.  But it jumps around so much from one administration to another and back again that I get whip lash.  I’m still going to finish it; hopefully before another month has gone by.  I have trouble quitting on books – whip lash and all.

We talked my sister Kristen into going to see Uncharted with us.  A surprisingly clean movie – which is hard to find these days.  And it was fun.  A very Indiana Jones-like escape.  And we tried a couple of new shows on broadcast TV.  Good Sam might be a new favorite, although not without issues.  We haven’t watched a medical drama since ER but this one has an interesting twist.  And The Thing About Pam was good if you like true crime.  We tried Only Murders in the Building after hearing good things but the language was a little much for us.

One particularly sedentary day hubby and I watched two movies.  I didn’t like either one, for very different reasons.  Free State of Jones, although a good historic story, was so gory.  We followed it up with The Fighting Temptations for something lighter.  It was lighter, but not compelling at all!  We then landed on a documentary on Hulu.  Captive Audience:  A Real American Horror Story shows promise.  At least the first episode grabbed us.

Before May Becomes Another Month that Has Gone By

On the day this post goes live, Allie’s show choir puts on their annual Jazz Show.  It’s always a highlight.  Her solo and her general outlook is Accentuate the Positive!  I hope you can as well today.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  Let me know what captured your attention.  And as always, I thank you, I love you and I hope May treats you well!

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