Faith Life is a Risky Affair for the Fearful – Raising Zion

faith life is a risky affair

Every step of faith is foolish and risky for the earthly mind. Why? We do not believe because we see with our natural eyes. We believe because God has opened our inner eyes to the reality of His mighty presence. Our eyes remain open to the hope of His calling. To the earthly mind, it is a mystery.

Faith in God is scary to the natural eye. 

To the godly, it is a lifestyle. 

Faith life completely changes the way we think, feel, speak and do. 

Three ways to understand this fact; 

Faith life is a risky affair but not for the faithful

  1. No love for the world
  2. A deep hatred against sin and the enemy (Satan)
  3. Divine healing as a way of life 

Jesus lived by faith to show us how we can live fully trusting in God in a money-driven world (Matthew 6:24-33). He spent His childhood in a church/synagogue. He was doing the Heavenly Father’s business, which had nothing to do with this world but the world to come. Jesus had no love for the world, only love for the will of God to be done. 

Our enemy is no longer man but Satan. While in darkness, in sin, we were bound to Satan’s devices. In the light, we are free from Satan’s clutches, now graven in the palms of God’s hands. We now align with God’s hatred of sin and Satan by standing against the work of hell brought in by Satan. We stand in prayer while Jesus fights this new enemy. 

God promises to heal all those who abide in His word. Every mental, emotional and physical healing exists in the presence of God. Modern medicine hails mythical gods, entrusting healing and care to human doctors. In Christ, God is our Jehovah Rapha. He keeps us in sound mind, love and power in Jesus’ name. 

Faith life is a risky affair for all who do not surrender their life completely to God. Submit your life to the only one who can radically transform us. Jesus is coming soon. Praise God, and Amen! 

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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