Repentance is the price of admission. – Divorce Minister

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“If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them.”

-Luke 17:3b, NIV (emphasis mine)

The sinful behavior will continue with all its abuse without this critical change. Please, faithful spouse, do not settle for less than repentance.

Repentance ought to be the price of admission to couples’ counseling with your pastor.*

This means the cheater comes to the sessions fully aware this is not a forum to air their complaints about the faithful spouse. It is a time to fix why they believed they were entitled to cheat and to address those lies. Plus, it is a time to expose the deceptions and hidden things.

A cheater unwilling to do this is an unrepentant cheater.

They are not in a position for healthy, godly reconciliation. Such a cheater is not in the head space where they see the utter devastation of their sins. This is a person that is not ready for godly reconciliation.

*Disclaimer: I speak as a pastor, NOT a therapist. This is not mental health advice. Please seek appropriate professional help.

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