Crossmap Podcast: Chick-fil-a's Trudy Cathy White on Building a Family Legacy That Will Last for Generations

Trudy Cathy White

Building a lasting legacy has been a pursuit of Trudy Cathy White’s for her entire adult life. As the daughter of highly successful Chick-fil-a founder Truett Cathy, she knows first hand the meaningful impact that consistency and quality can have, not only in a business but also in one’s personal life.

In her latest book, A Legacy That Lasts: Preserving and Transferring Your Family Values, Trudy identifies the positive, bedrock qualities needed for a family to not only flourish in this generation but to solidify positive family values for the generations to come.

Focusing on faith, family, integrity, generosity, and gratitude, Trudy encourages readers to be intentional about discovering what is important to your family and to provide clarity on how to reclaim the values that will allow it to prosper.

Trudy joins us on the Crossmap Podcast to talk about why it is important for every family to have a set of enduring and indispensable values. Listen as she shares why being intentional about leaving a lasting legacy is of the utmost importance for a family’s future in this unforgiving world.

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