How Christian singles could strengthen their faith

Christian singles surrender themselves in God while waiting for the right one.
Christian singles surrender themselves to God while waiting for the right one. Image: Ben White|Unsplash

Christian singles can do much more than married people. They can do whatever they want without asking someone’s permission. However, there are some consequences of being single. 

In Christian culture, some people think that marriage is essential. They urge Christian singles to get married without knowing why they chose to be.

Even if they believe marriage is good for us, they can do nothing about it. The first thing that we need to do is follow God’s purpose and grow our faith in Him. 

How could Christian singles strengthen and grow their faith in God?

Christian singles often worry that they are failing to live up to God’s expectations by failing to find a partner. The person may see it as a test with definitive results. 

Unsurprisingly, many unmarried people have low self-esteem if they go through life with this mentality. 

In today’s culture, it’s common to dwell on the negative aspects of being single and the benefits of marriage. When we get married, however, we might stop paying attention to specific details. 

If you doubt about being married, you should focus on yourself first and talk to God. 

Form a relationship with Him

There are so many things that you need to consider when you are getting married. 

The freedom to focus on developing your faith and connection with God is a benefit of being single. 

If you’re currently single, you can set your schedule for getting up and sleeping. Devotional reading, prayer, and Bible study can be done at either of these times with maximum effectiveness.

Put the time into serving God

Christian singles devote more time to spiritual pursuits. You might attend a church and wish to serve in some capacity. 

Tacoma Christian Counseling said that now is a wonderful time to participate in one of the many ministries. 

If you want to make an impact, you can check out opportunities at local animal shelters or Habitat for Humanity. If you’re single and have some spare time, there are plenty of worthwhile causes you may join.

Use your singleness as your ‘healing time’

You may have found yourself in an unplanned period of singlehood. You may suffer from heartbreak due to a recent breakup, divorce, or losing a loved one.

Being single provides an ideal setting for mending broken hearts. Time spent seeking God’s healing for the darkest parts of your soul is well spent. 

Christian singles can grow personally

Since you are a single Christian, you have so much time to focus on yourself and God. You can never find the one thing or person to make you happy. 

Fearless Soul advised that requiring nothing draws in the entirety of the universe. You shouldn’t do things for others; do them because you want to. 

Time is money, or at least the most precious asset. So, put it toward developing yourself. 

Always think that singleness is a blessing from God

Being single can even be a God’s blessing as it allows you to focus on building relationships with other people. 

Having supportive relationships may do wonders for your mental health and open incredible doors for you.

So, don’t try to find love to feel complete. Connect with others and spread your happiness.

What does the Bible say to Christian singles?

There are so many single church members. So, it’s clear that they hold a deep personal interest in singlehood. They believe they are just “spare parts” in their families, churches, and communities.

But what does the Bible really say to Christian singles? 

Being single is not permanent

Many people who are now single will eventually get married. Still, others will never marry and remain permanently single. 

However, no Christian remains single for life. The eternal union God seeks to have with his people finds symbolic expression in human marriage. 

The Bible says that Jesus would return to take his bride, the church, to the beautiful new creation, TGC revealed.

Singleness is hard

Although the New Testament has some encouraging words for single people, it is clear that marriage is the cultural norm. 

It’s God’s gift to us and the primary setting in which our need for closeness is satisfied. As a result, they often face difficulties such as isolation and sexual desire.

Since they are related, we struggle with sexual imagination and sin more when we’re lonely. 

We must actively seek support in these areas. We are not meant to be alone, so if we’re not married, we should seek connection in other relationships. That means contacting friends and family. 

Your singleness, in whatever form it takes, is a blessing from God; enjoy it while you can. Keep in mind as well that the entire church is your extended family.

Singles must welcome one another into their homes and develop meaningful relationships.

Marriage is essential in human society, yet it does not last forever for some. A priority in our lives should be a relationship with Christ. 

Ultimately, what matters is the eternal connection we have with Him.

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