New Jerusalem is the Conclusion of the Bible

The Bible begins with God’s creation. Due to Satan’s rebellion, the creation soon became old, separated from God. God foretold, in the Old Testament, what He would do to bring forth the new creation. And in the New Testament God in Christ brought forth a new creation.

The New Jerusalem is the ultimate consummation of God’s new creation work. This consummation is a mingling of the processed, consummated Triune God with the redeemed, regenerated, transformed, conformed, and glorified tripartite man. The mingling of divinity with humanity is the church. This is the intrinsic view of the church as the Body of Christ, which consummates in the New Jerusalem, and this is the consummation of the entire Bible. The entire Bible consummates in this mingling, which is signified by the New Jerusalem.*

We have been regenerated into the new creation by being born of the Spirit in our human spirit (John 3:6). Now we are being renewed in our soul to have the constitution of the new creation. Eventually our mortal body will be redeemed; at that time our whole being will be in the new creation.

New Jerusalem is the center of the new creation and is the consummation of God’s work. The reality of all the Old Testament types and shadows are in New Jerusalem. And the city is the completion of all that Jesus Christ accomplished through death and resurrection and all that the Spirit is doing in us now.

* This is the 23rd of a series with quotes from chapter 28 of The Central Line of the Divine Revelation by Witness Lee, copyright by Living Stream Ministry.

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Posted by Don on September 8, 2021

New Jerusalem is the Conclusion of the Bible

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