The Burden of Better is For: College Students

College can be a transformative time, but for some people as they enter this stage in life, they find themselves trapped in old habits. At school, there are new people to compare yourself against, new obstacles to climb, and new ways to fall short. Only one person is going to be at the top of their class (and it most likely isn’t you). For college students, comparison comes naturally.

It’s a difficult habit to break because it’s so easy to compare yourself, especially at school. When you’re surrounded by your peers, there is always someone who is going to be prettier, smarter, funnier, better dressed, or more confident. It’s like an endless stream of reminders of how you are not enough. Add social media into the mix, which has been proven to increase envy and depression, and it feels like there is no escape. FOMO anyone?

But instead of wallowing in feelings of inadequacy, let the knowledge that you are NOT the best release you from the need to constantly be working and studying trying to attain some impossible goal. If you’ve struggled with comparison as a college student, my new book “The Burden of Better” is definitely for you! Read it now and find freedom before you enter the work world or the realm of marriage and family. Dear college students: Comparison doesn’t have to cast its shadow over your whole life. Kick it to the curb now.

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the burden of better is for college students

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