Unbelief limits the ability to see the supernatural - Raising Zion


Is someone sick? Is someone addicted? Are you suffering in your body?

Divine Healing or deliverance, to the natural eyes, may seem impossible. But our God is a supernatural worker.

Unbelief will not allow us to see the supernatural. It will keep us focused on the natural state of affairs.

What caused unbelief in man in the garden? A constant review of the natural (forbidden tree) that eroded the need for God. The tree was great, fruit looked pleasant and over time it did not make sense to not eat off it. “One can be wise eating off it? That’s a good thing. Let’s do it.” Isn’t the same happening today?

We are going for “it” because it is a good thing to do. Without seeking God about it at all. When everything is available, we forget God. God becomes a ritual, no matter how well our church attendance is.

The devil normalised disobedience which caused sin.

When we rest in anything other than God’s word, unbelief sets in

When we disobey God’s word, we manifest unbelief.

We end up doing all that we know ritualistically. To receive a response for the impending healing or deliverance. The sick need a physician, not the one living by faith. He is already in the presence of the great physician who helps him walk daily in divine healing.

Lazarus was dead. His body decayed, in the tomb for 4 days. Everyone believed what they saw in the natural, it was over because the facts were evident. Yet, Jesus went and raised Lazarus through the power of God.

Dear brother, sister, Unbelief is death. Lazarus, come out! Come out of posh Christianity and church-ism. Come out of a hypocritical lifestyle, a form of godliness, word without power.

Now is the time for us to arm up in prayer and praise to God. The day of Christ is here. Maranatha, Praise God and amen!